Lawyers and Legal Help

There are many ways to find legal help. Read the rest of this section to understand what types of legal help there are and which of them may be best for you.  Finding help is not easy. If you talk to someone but they cannot help you, ask them who can. Do not give up!  
If you need to find legal help quickly and know what kind of help you need, here is a list of resources:

If your problem involves 1 of the topics on our home page, you can also read the information on that topic to find help with your problem.

If you have a legal problem in another state (outside of California), you can visit these websites for more information:

Centro de ayuda
Ask a Law Librarian. Live Online ReferenceAsk a Law Librarian


Map of SHC and FLF LocationsSelf-Help Centers
Click for an interactive Google map listing of Self Help Centers and Family Law Facilitator locations, or click for a printer-friendly directory.