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NewsLinks is a collection of recent news items relating primarily to the California judicial branch. NewsLinks does not verify nor endorse the accuracy or fairness of the news items, and the views expressed in opinions, editorials, and commentaries are those of the writers only.

Apr 16 10th Street courthouse deal OK’d by Modesto council
Modesto Bee
The council agreed to buy up all the privately owned land between Ninth, 10th, H and G streets, and then resell the whole block to the state.
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Apr 16 Judicial Profile: Steven M. Gevercer
Daily Journal
(Subscription required) Steven M. Gevercer has had some tough jobs. Before even dreaming of becoming a judge, he did manual labor with his father, and waited tables and tended bars. He worked in a disco bar and restaurant that was "very obnoxious," filled with cigarette smoke and drunks, he said.
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Apr 15 Judge's handling of death penalty case did not hurt client, state high court rules
Daily Journal
(Subscription required) A Los Angeles judge's shortcomings as a lawyer representing a capital defendant more than three decades ago didn't harm his client, the state Supreme Court held on Monday.
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Apr 15 Judicial Profile: Michael R. Libutti
Daily Journal
(Subscription required) San Bernardino County Superior Court Judge Michael Libutti is praised for efficiency, fairness.
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Apr 14 Judicial Profile: Mark H. Pierce
Daily Journal
(Subscription required) Mark H. Pierce walks the fine line between protecting public safety and helping drug users.
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Apr 12 Questions swirl around Stanislaus County courthouse land deal
Modesto Bee
It’s expected to be the most expensive public building in Stanislaus County history, and the big spending is about to begin on the long-planned downtown Modesto courthouse.
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Apr 12 Editorial: Modesto’s vision for courthouse is off the mark
Modesto Bee
The city of Modesto is forging ahead with its new courthouse proposal in typical fashion – wearing blinders, making miscalculations, dealing in the dark and refusing to consider all the costs.
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Apr 11 State's chief justice details her rise to the top
The Press Democrat
Tani Cantil-Sakauye wasn't always so assertive. Being an Asian woman from a male-dominated family, she was taught not to raise her voice or question authority. She let people interrupt her frequently.
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Apr 11 Lawmakers weigh tightening control over judicial spending
Daily Journal
(Subscription required) Legislators at a committee hearing this week took an unusual step toward what critics call micromanagement of the judicial branch's budget by advancing a plan to control how courts spend money on a popular criminal rehabilitation program.
Apr 11 Penalties drive up cost of California traffic tickets
Orange County Register
Speeders, red-light runners and those who blow through stop signs can expect to pay nearly 200 percent more for a traffic ticket than they did a decade ago.
Apr 10 A word, a sentence, a lesson for Rodriguez High students
Daily Republic
The “justice system revered all over the world” moved Wednesday to the multipurpose room at Rodriguez High School, where students saw a driving under the influence court trial and conviction.
Apr 10 Judicial Profile: Marc Dempsey Gross
Daily Journal
(Subscription required) Despite his deep family history in the law, Judge Marc Dempsey Gross is creating his own legacy.
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Apr 9 Marin Community Court marks three years of helping poor defendants
Marin Independent Journal
It's been three years since Marin Community Court started helping homeless and financially strapped residents deal with their outstanding citations, and the program has grown to include a list of more than a thousand participants.
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Apr 9 Ex judge hired to make sure the state lowers inmate numbers
San Francisco Chronicle
Former state appeals court Justice Elwood Lui was named by a federal court Wednesday as compliance officer in California's prison overcrowding case, with authority to order releases of inmates if the state falls short of court-ordered population goals.
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Apr 9 Next Assembly speaker's focus on poor is grounded in experience
Los Angeles Times
Toni Atkins' childhood in Appalachia was spent in poverty. A clear sense of what is possible when people work hard and cooperate is central to her political vision.
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Apr 9 Court contracting bill clears Assembly committee
Daily Journal
(Subscription required) Despite meeting its demise last year after a veto by Gov. Jerry Brown, a union-backed effort to block courts from using contract workers to replace regular court employees is before the Legislature all over again.
Apr 9 Judicial Profile: Teri L. Jackson
Daily Journal
(Subscription required) San Francisco Judge Teri L. Jackson oversaw criminal cases for a decade before taking a civil post.
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Apr 8 Gov. Jerry Brown says 'stimulating' realignment program is working
Los Angeles Times
Gov. Jerry Brown, citing his meetings with law enforcement officials across the state, said Tuesday that "realignment is working."
Apr 8 State civil lawsuit access is a federal case, 9th Circuit rules
Daily Journal
(Subscription required) Whether the public has a right to speedily view newly filed California state court civil lawsuits is an important First Amendment question that merits a federal court airing, a 9th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals panel held Monday.
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Apr 8 Judicial Profile: Elizabeth Guerrero Macias
Daily Journal
(Subscription required) Passion and drive have propelled Elizabeth Guerrero Macias to the Orange County bench.
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Apr 7 Affordable Representation
Comstock's Magazine
Between 75 percent and 85 percent of people who show up in family court in California represent themselves.
Apr 7 Judicial Profile: Scott D. Patton
Daily Journal
(Subscription required) As a 12-year-old boy, Alameda County Superior Court Judge Scott Patton remembers standing behind a rope line at a Sacramento airport alongside his parents waiting to greet a young Gov. Jerry Brown.
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Apr 4 California Chief Justice Tani Cantil-Sakauye talks judicial budget issues
Chief justices rarely agree to interviews, but Cantil-Sakauye is adamant the $105 million the governor added to the judicial budget is not nearly enough.
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Apr 4 California Supreme Court headed for change
Los Angeles Times
Dominated for decades by Republicans, the state's most powerful court may soon be remade by Democratic Gov. Jerry Brown if, as expected, he wins another term.
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Apr 4 Retired judges' temp-assignment program draws plaudits, criticism
Daily Journal
(Subscription required) Retired judges have little say if they stop getting work or if they get kicked out.
Apr 3 Bending to Concepcion, State Justices Likely to Hand Win to Employers
The Recorder
(Subscription required) The California Supreme Court doesn't need a house to fall on it. Especially when that house is made of marble and filled with nine U.S. Supreme Court justices.
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Apr 3 California Supreme Court rules on two juvenile justice issues
Sacramento Bee
The California Supreme Court on Thursday ruled a juvenile must have the consent of the defense lawyer to plead no contest to criminal charges.
Apr 3 Justices appear divided on immigrants' bid to sue employer
Daily Journal
(Subscription required) In a case that could drastically affect undocumented immigrants' ability to sue their employers for discrimination, the state Supreme Court justices on Wednesday seemed divided.
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Apr 3 Judicial Profile: Scott L. Kays
Daily Journal
(Subscription required) Given the emphasis on writing and oral communication, the legal field draws many people with a background in liberal arts. But Judge Scott Kays of Solano County Superior Court left UC Irvine with a bachelor's degree in mathematics.
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Apr 2 Chief Justice Tani G. Cantil-Sakauye presented Civic Learning Award of Excellence to Brawley Union High School
Imperial Valley Press
Before delivering the award herself, Cantil-Sakauye herself took the opportunity to tour the project showcase and speak to the students being honored.
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Apr 2 Judicial Watchdog Reports Disposing of Nearly 1,200 Cases in 2013
Met News
The Commission on Judicial Performance took final action on nearly 1,200 complaints against California judges last year, it said in its annual report released yesterday.
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Apr 2 Longtime Los Angeles judge, appellate justice has died
Daily Journal
(Subscription required) A proud Irish Catholic known for his affable personality, Masterson rose to prominence as a civil litigator, representing an eclectic mix of businesses and journalists.
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Apr 2 Judicial Profile: Frederic L. Link
Daily Journal
(Subscription required) Superior Court Judge Frederic Link enjoys the challenges of presiding over both civil and criminal cases.
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Apr 1 Court chief highlights judiciary’s efforts to overcome funding gap
California Bar Journal
Addressing lawmakers in Sacramento last month, Chief Justice Tani G. Cantil-Sakauye spoke of fairness, collaboration and ongoing projects to ensure more Californians have access to justice.
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Apr 1 Saying foster care lawyers are overwhelmed, LA County seeks increase in state funding
Joining a chorus of public officials calling for investment in California's child welfare courts, the Los Angeles Board of Supervisors Tuesday voted unanimously to lobby Sacramento to increase spending on lawyers for foster children by about $33.1 million statewide.
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