Human Resources

Human Resource Initiatives

The Trial Court Employment Protection and Governance Act of 2000 permanently changed the employment status of 21,000 non-judiciary court personnel from that of county to trial court employees.

Courts will transition from a wide variety of HR Systems to the Phoenix Human Resources System, the trial court human resources system to support human resources management and administration.

The system will provide centralized self-service and call-center support for courts. It is anticipated to be fully operational by 2015.

Phoenix Financial Systems
The Phoenix Financial System provides a statewide trial court financial system and a centralized treasury that will enable the courts to produce financial statements that comply with existing statutes, rules, and regulations. The system standardizes accounting and business functions, maximizes investment opportunities, ensures uniformity of financial recordkeeping, and provides consistent data and reporting for the judicial, legislative, and executive branches, thereby ensuring the judicial branch's fiscal accountability to the public.

The Phoenix Financial System has been fully deployed to all 58 trial courts statewide.

Phoenix Human Resources Systems
The Phoenix Human Resources System provides a comprehensive information system infrastructure that supports trial court human resources management and payroll needs. Designed for integration with the Phoenix Financial System and first deployed in July 2006, the system offers new, standardized technology for human resources administration and payroll processing, provides consistent reporting, ensures compliance with state and federal labor laws, collects data at the source, provides central processing, and provides manager and employee self-service functions to the courts.

Phoenix Program Fact Sheet

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