DataPoints is a periodic publication of the AOC Office of Court Research to inform the court community about empirical trends in the California judicial branch.

DataPoints: Procedural Fairness and Effective Court Practices in Small Claims Cases
Even before the increase of self-represented litigants in family law and other civil cases, small claims court required litigants to assume the primary responsibility for preparing and presenting their cases. This issue of DataPoints is the first of four looking at the experience of small claims litigants. It reports descriptive information on small claims litigants: their levels of education, income, previous experience in court, and the types of cases in which they’re involved.

DataPoints: Improving Asbestos Case Management in the Superior Court of San Francisco County
Asbestos litigation creates unique challenges for the courts. This issue of DataPoints describes the measures taken by one court to streamline case management and improve service to the public.

DataPoints: Trial Court Caseload Increases to over 10 million Filings
An overview of the major trends in trial court filings found in the 2010 Court Statistics Report.

DataPoints: Highlights from the Study of California Class Action Litigation
An overview of the major findings from the first interim report.

DataPoints: Civil Filings Fuel Continued Growth in Trial Court Caseload
The release of the 2009 Court Statistics Report shows civil filings driving the growth in California Superior Court caseload.