Hoopa Valley Tribal Court

The Hoopa Valley tribe is a federally recognized tribe with approximately 2,000 enrolled members.  The Hoopa valley Reservation is located in northeast Humboldt County along the Trinity River.  It contains approximately 89,400 acres, the largest reservation in California.


The tribal court was first established in 1974.  Originally the court heard only fishing cases.  The court currently has jurisdiction to hear cases arising under the Hoopa Valley Tribal Constitution or statute.  The tribe currently has over 67 statutes on a variety of subject matters.  The court hears cases involving family law, child abuse and neglect, evictions, domestic violence restraining orders, juvenile delinquency, juvenile wellness court, traffic citations, and civil complaints for monetary damages.


Chief Judge – Hon. Richard Blake.

P.O. Box 1389
Hoopa, California 95546
530-625-4307 (fax)

Website: https://www.hoopa-nsn.gov/the-tribal-government/hoopa-valley-tribal-court

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