Ralph N. Kleps Award Retrospective: 20 Years of Innovation

Innovations in the California Courts - 20 of Years of Great Ideas
The year 2011 marks the 20th anniversary of the Kleps Award for Improvement in the Administration of the Courts, and we take this opportunity to acknowledge the individuals who have given their time to the award program, as well as the many programs that have received a Kleps Award, and to look back at some of the important strides that have been made in judicial administration over the past two decades.

This section opens with a profile of Mr. Ralph N. Kleps, who served as the first Administrative Director of the California Courts, and after whom the Kleps Award is named. Click here to learn more about Mr. Kleps.

This award program would not be possible without the contributions of the justices, judges, court executive officers, appellate clerks/administrators, and court and appellate staff who have served on the awards committees. Click here to see the list of these individuals. We thank each and every one for their efforts along the way.

One hundred and seventy-seven court programs have received the Kleps Award since 1991. Click here to see a comprehensive list of all award recipients by appellate district or county. You will see that a vast majority of the California courts—both small and large—have received recognition for the exceptional efforts they have made to address a wide array of issues that affect the day-to-day administration of justice in California.

Finally, although we are not able to profile each recipient here, we highlight one program from each award cycle, giving a flavor of the breadth and scope of the progress achieved over the past 20 years. Many programs that were started locally have since taken root in the collective court culture and have been successfully replicated; they are in wide use today not only in California, but throughout the country.

Please enjoy this look back.


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