Kleps Awards by Court, 1991-2011

Innovations in the California Courts - 20 of Years of Great Ideas

Below is a comprehensive list of all Kleps Award recipients, listed by district at the appellate court level, and by county at the trial court level.

Programs with an asterick (*) received the Kleps Award in the collaborative courts category, in which two or more courts worked together. These programs are listed under each court that participated in the collaboration.

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Appellate Mediation Program, 2002  View Video (1:25)
Electronic Reporter’s Transcripts on Appeal, 2000

Appellate Self-Help Center, 2008–09
Judicial Externship Program, 2006–07
Up Close and Personal with Division Six, 2000

Appellate Court Outreach Program, 2001

Step by Step Civil Appellate Manual, 2003
Oral Argument via Teleconferencing (video), 1999

*Transcript Assembly Program (TAP), 2010–11
Electronic Writ Program, 2010–11
The Courts as Curriculum, 2003
Oral Argument by Teleconference, 1992

Elder Abuse Protection Court, 2004–05
Enhancement of Court Web-Site–E-Commerce, 2000
Decision Support and Operations Management Information System (DOMAIN), 1998
Traffic Citation Collections Program, 1995
The F.I.R.S.T. Drug Diversion Program, 1993

Online Procedure Manual, 2008–09
Amador Becomes Its Own Employer, 2002 View Video
*Superior Courts of Sacramento and Amador Counties Internet/Intranet, 2001

*Collaborative Information Services (IS) Project, 2006–07
Court Clerk Career Progression Program (3C-P-O), 2006–07
*Self-Help and Regional Assistance Program, 2004–05
Reality Check (SHARP), 2000
H.O.P.E. (Helping Organize Parents Effectively) Court, 1999
Downtown Chico Cleanup Project, 1998
Court ReVia Alcohol Treatment Program, 1996
Small Claims Court Goes to School, 1995
Graffiti Removal Project, 1994
Small Claims Success with Mediation, 1993

Elder Court, 2010–11
Online Probable Cause, 2008–09
Children, Courts, and Arts Project, 2001

*Joint-Powers Training, 1994

Comprehensive Revenue Recovery Program, 1995

Online Juror Orientation, 2008–2009
JusticeCorps, 2006–07
New Judge Orientation, 2004–05
Teachers’ Courthouse Seminar, 2003
Find Arbitrator Mediator Electronically (FAME), 2001
Sara Berman Adoption Saturdays, 2000
Project 2000, 1998
The Constitutional Rights of the Big Bad Wolf, 1997
Implementation of Trial Court Performance Standards, 1997
Summer Youth Mentoring Program, 1997
Court House Access & Mentoring Programs (CHAMPS), 1995
Juror Services Telephone Center, 1995
Probate Volunteer Visitation Alliance (PVVA), 1995
Domestic Violence Courtroom Pilot Project, 1994
Superior Court Outreach (SCOR), 1994
Court Compliance Office, 1993
Monroe Partnership Program, 1993
Court Collections Program, 1992
Domestic Violence Clinics, 1992
Traffic Interactive Payment System (TIPS), 1992
Central Courts Video Arraignment Project, 1991
Court Automated Filing and Payment Kiosks for Traffic and Small Claims, 1991
Traffic Records Imaging Project, 1991

*Consolidating Purchase/Format of Juror Forms, 1993

*Center Courts Regional Training Day, 2001

*Consolidating Purchase/Format of Juror Forms, 1993

NapaHelp.Info Court and Community Referral System, 2006–07
Comprehensive Court Reorganization/Consolidation, 1991

Public Law Center, 2002 View Video (1:20)
*Joint-Powers Training, 1994

Electronic Legal File (ELF), 2010–11
Orange County Combat Veterans Court, 2010–11
Complex Civil E-filing Pilot Project, 2004–05
I-CAN (Interactive Community Assistance Network), 2003
Self-Help Forms Printing Kiosk Project, 2002 View Video (1:12)
Domestic Violence Training and Awareness Program, 2000
Domestic Violence Services Project, 1999
Task Force for ADA Compliance, 1999
Domestic Violence Registry, 1998
Domestic Violence Temporary Restraining Orders, 1997
Volunteers Care (Court Assistants Reaching Out With Empathy), 1996
Integrated Court Information System, 1994
Document Image Processing System: Orange County Superior Court/County Clerk Probate Division, 1993
Flat Fee Arrangements for Indigent Defense in Homicide Cases, 1992

Peer Court, 1997

Court Certificate Program, 2002 View Video (1:24)
Bagel Time, 2000
BEST (Benefits of Educating a Service-Oriented Team), 1999
Expedited Victim Restitution Pilot Program, 1998
Automated Billing System, 1995
Cross Filing and Payment Acceptance, 1994
Integrated Case Management and Information System, 1993
Weighted Caseload Alternative to Determine Non-Judicial Staffing Needs, 1993
Civil Fast Track Program, 1992
Traffic Management System, 1992
Work Simplification, 1992

Small Claims Electronic Filing Program, 2001
*Superior Courts of Sacramento and Amador Counties Internet/Intranet, 2001
Annual Conference on Multi-Cultural Family Violence Prevention, 1999
Sacramento Stand Down Rally, 1996
Family Law Pro Per Assistance Clinic, 1995
Employee and Organizational Support Team (EmOST), 1994
Sacramento Criminal Justice Cabinet, 1993
Consolidation and Transition Plans, 1992

*Regional Court and Library Partnership, 2006–07
*Regional Educational Consortium, 2004–05
Court to Community: Teen Parenting, 2002  View Video (1:42)
*Center Courts Regional Training Day, 2001

Automated Mail Payment Processing System, aka “Magic Money Machine,” 2010–2011
Automated Records Management, 2004–05
Court Community Outreach and Education Through Countywide Public Service Announcements, 2000
JNET: Juvenile Court Integrated Case Management System, 1999
Forms Automation Program, 1997
Records Management Coordination, 1993
Trial Court Consolidation, 1992

On My Honor Law Education Program, 2002 View Video (1:21)
F.O.C.U.S. Program—Monitoring Court Performance Using a Balanced Scorecard, 2001
Family Violence Solutions Center, 2000
Dependency Court Recovery Project, 1999
Delinquency Treatment Reform Project, 1998
Civil and Small Claims Automated Case Management System, 1997
Court Customer Service Training Program, 1997
Pro Bono Legal Services for Pro Per Clients, 1997
Touch Screen Case Index, 1997
Coordination of South Bay Trial Courts—San Diego County, 1996
Simulated Courtroom Clerk Training, 1996
Bonds Automation and Records Tracking System (BART), 1995
Family Law Access Project, 1995
BIC Technology–Achieving the Future Today, 1993
900 Number Telephone Service in the Municipal Court, 1993
“Consider the Children” Parenting Classes, 1992
Court Coordination, 1992
Civil Delay Reduction Program, 1991
Formal Volunteer Program, 1991
Independent Calendar/Direct Assignment Method of Case Management, 1991
Mobile Traffic Unit, 1991

ACCESS—Assisting Court Customers with Education and Self-Help, 2004–05
Indigent Defense Fees and Compensation System, 1993

In the Interest of Justice Video, 2002
Court-Community Leadership and Liaison Program, 2001 View Video (1:53)
Jury Duty Compliance Program, 2000

Multi-Option Appropriate Dispute Resolution Project (MAP), 2008–2009
EZLegal File Service Bureau, 2003
Small Claims Internet Web Site, 1998

SBSCPressInfo.org Website for high profile cases (2004-2005)

Giving Families a Chance: The Collaboration Between Family Court Services and FIRST 5, 2008–2009
*Regional Court and Library Partnership, 2006–07
*Regional Educational Consortium, 2004–05
Superior Court’s Juvenile Delinquency Domestic Violence/Family Violence Court, 2001
Family Court/Court Services Comprehensive Program of Intervention, 1997
Treatment Court Project, 1995

*Regional Court and Library Partnership, 2006–07
*Regional Educational Consortium, 2004–05
Watsonville Juvenile Community Court, 1999

Domestic Violence Imaging Project, 1998
Addicted Offender Program, 1997

CLETS Interface, 2002

*Transcript Assembly Program (TAP), 2010–2011
*Center Courts Regional Training Day, 2001
Automated Family Law Statistical Data Project (SCANTRON Project), 1999
Family Court Instant Orders After Hearing Re: Custody and Visitation, 1994
*Consolidating Purchase/Format of Juror Forms, 1993

Court Services Unit, 1991

Tip of the Day Radio Program, 2003
Homeless Court, 2001
Mobile Self-Help Center, 2000
Field Study in Criminal Case Processing, 1999
Self-Help Legal Access Center, 1998
Interactive Take Home Traffic School, 1997
Multi-Door Court Dispute Resolution Programs, 1993
DMV/Courts Interchange, 1992
Consolidation of Court Support Services, 1991

Gaining Education Through Determination (G.E.D.), 2004–05
Guardianship Facilitator and Outreach, 2003
Juvenile Violence Court, 2002
Unified Family In-Court Clinician, 2001
Yolo County Unified Family Court, 1999  View Video (1:34)
Supervised Visitation Program, 1998

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