Jody Patel Biography

Jody Patel portraitJody Patel is the Judicial Council's Chief of Staff, serving as second-in-command to the Administrative Director and leads the Judicial Council's Leadership Services Division.

Ms. Patel took this role in October 1, 2012. Prior to that, she served as Interim Administrative Director for eight months. For her contributions in that role, she was recognized by the Judicial Council with its Distinguished Service Award for Leadership in Judicial Administration Award.

Ms. Patel previously served as the Regional Administrative Director. She was appointed to that position in October 2011 with the consolidation of the executive structure of the Judicial Council’s three regional offices. Prior to that, she served as Regional Administrative Director of the Northern/Central Regional Office serving 31 trial courts and the third and fifth appellate districts.

Ms. Patel’s experience with the state judicial branch spans more than 16 years. Prior to joining the Judicial Council in 2006, she served as the executive officer for the Superior Court of Sacramento County since 2001. In 2005, Ms. Patel was awarded the Judicial Council Distinguished Service Award in Judicial Administration for her significant contributions to the judicial branch. Prior to joining the Superior Court of Sacramento County, Ms. Patel managed the legislative and budget advocacy activities at the council’s Office of Governmental Affairs. In that capacity, she represented the judicial branch with the Department of Finance, Legislative Analyst’s Office, and the Legislature on all budget issues.

In addition to her experience in the judicial branch, Ms. Patel has more than 20 years of experience in the executive branch of California government working at senior management levels including deputy director of a state agency. During this time, she played an integral role in revamping the statutes pertaining to victim restitution and offender accountability by partnering with judges and district attorneys on a statewide basis.
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