Committee Members

2012-2013 Ralph N. Kleps Award Committee

Nominations are assessed and evaluated by a committee whose members are appointed by the Chief Justice. The Kleps Award Committee comprises representatives from northern, southern, and central California. All segments of the court community are represented—from large courts and small—including appellate justices, judges with administrative responsibilities, court executive officers, and court program managers. 

  Hon. Ronald B. Robie, Chair
Associate Justice
Court of Appeal
Third Appellate District
 Ms. Tammy Grimm Ms. Tammy Grimm
Court Executive Officer
Superior Court of Inyo County
 Mr. José Guillén Mr. José Guillén, Vice-Chair
Court Executive Officer
Superior Court of Sonoma County
 Hon. Mary Thornton House Hon. Mary Thornton House
Superior Court of Los Angeles County
  Hon. Kathleen M. Banke
Associate Justice
Court of Appeal
First Appellate District
 Mr. Kevin J. Lane Mr. Kevin J. Lane
Assistant Clerk Administrator
Fourth Appellate District
Division One
 Mr. Alex Calvo Mr. Alex Calvo
Court Executive Officer
Superior Court of Santa Cruz County
 Ms. Nicole N. Le Ms. Nicole N. Le
Administrative Analyst
Superior Court of Orange County
 Ms. Karen Camper Ms. Karen Camper
Court Analyst
Superior Court of Calaveras County
 Hon. L. Jackson Lucky Hon. L. Jackson Lucky
Superior Court of Riverside County
 Ms. Mary Majich Davis Ms. Mary Majich Davis
Chief Assistant Executive Officer
Superior Court of San Bernardino County
 Hon. Cynthia A. Ludvigsen Hon. Cynthia A. Ludvigsen
Superior Court of
San Bernardino County
 Ms. Rebecca Fleming Ms. Rebecca Fleming
Chief Financial Officer
Superior Court of Stanislaus County
 Hon. Robert H. Oliver Hon. Robert H. Oliver
Superior Court of Fresno County
 Hon. Ronald F. Frazier Hon. Ronald F. Frazier
Superior Court of San Diego County
 Hon. Donna M. Petre Hon. Donna M. Petre
Assigned Judge
Superior Court of California
 Mr. Hector Gonzalez, Jr. Mr. Hector Gonzalez, Jr.
Court Executive Officer
Superior Court of Mono County
 Ms. Sylvia White-Irby Ms. Sylvia White-Irby
Superior Court of
Los Angeles County

Kleps Award Committee History

The process of recommending award recipients has evolved over the years. From 1991 through 2001, the Court Management Committee of the Judicial Council, the California Judicial Administration Conference Planning Committee (CJAC), and select AOC staff recommended recipients to the Judicial Council. In 2002, the Kleps Award Committee was formed, and it continues to evaluate and recommend Kleps Award recipients to the Judicial Council.

1991-2013 Committee Members

Hon. Richard D. Aldrich
Hon. Patricia Bamattre-Manoukian
Hon. Kathleen Banke
Mr. Ronald Barrow
Ms. Tamara Beard
Hon. Hollis G. Best
Hon. Ernest Borunda
Mr. James Brighton
Ms. Tina Burkhart
Mr. Alex Calvo
Ms. Karen Camper
Hon. Marjorie Laird Carter
Ms. Jeanne Caughell
Ms. Yvonne Choong
Hon. Warren Conklin
Hon. Patricia Yim Cowett
Hon. Rudolph Diaz
Ms. Lee Edmon
Ms. Meri Fischer
Ms. Rebecca Fleming
Hon. Judith Donna Ford
Hon. Ronald F. Frazier
Hon. Richard D. Fybel
Ms. Lisa Galdos
Ms. Janet M. Gallagher
Hon. Ronald M. George
Hon. Arthur Gilbert
Mr. Michael Glisson
Ms. Sharon Gonterman
Ms. Sheila Gonzalez
Mr. Hector Gonzalez, Jr.
Ms. Tammy Grimm
Mr. José O. Guillén
Hon. Brad R. Hill
Hon. Thomas E. Hollenhorst
Hon. Mary Thornton House
Hon. Steven Howell
Hon. Phil Isenberg
Hon. Anthony W. Ishii
Ms. Marilyn K. James
Mr. Allen Jensen
Mr. Peter Keane
Mr. Stephen M. Kelly
Hon. Daniel J. Kremer
Ms. Sheila Kuck
Mr. Robert B. Kuhel
Ms. Louise A. La Mothe
Mr. Joseph Lane
Mr. Kevin J. Lane
Ms. Nicole N. Le
Ms. Sharon Lear
Hon. Jackson Lucky
Hon. Cynthia Ludvigsen
Mr. Donald Lundy
Ms. Mary Majich Davis
Mr. Lawrence Maligie
Hon. Jon M. Mayeda
Hon. Judith McConnell
Mr. William McCurine, Jr.
Mr. Terry McNally
Mr. John Mendes
Hon. Marilyn Miles
Hon. Patrick J. Morris
Mr. Martin J. Moshier
Hon. William J. Murray, Jr.
Ms. Susan M. Myers
Hon. Henry E. Needham, Jr.
Ms. Susan Null
Mr. Frederick Ohlrich
Hon. Kathleen E. O’Leary
Hon. Robert H. Oliver
Mr. Ronald Overholt
Hon. Richard A. Paez
Mr. Gordon Park-Li
Ms. Christine Patton
Hon. James F. Perley
Hon. Wayne Peterson
Hon. Donna M. Petre
Ms. Nancy Piano
Mr. Michael Planet
Ms. Florence Prushan
Mr. Charles Ramey
Hon. Mel Recana
Hon. Ronald B. Robie
Mr. Mike Roddy
Mr. Alan I. Rothenberg
Hon. Arthur Scotland
Hon. Patricia Sepulveda
Mr. Arthur Sims
Ms. Kelly Sims
Ms. Dale Sipes
Mr. Alan Slater
Hon. James L. Smith
Ms. Eve Sproule
Ms. Sharol Strickland
Mr. Kevin Swanson
Hon. Nancy L. Sweet
Hon. Robert G. Taylor
Hon. Ricardo A. Torres
Mr. Michael Tozzi
Ms. Deena Trujillo
Hon. Michael S. Ullman
Ms. Sylvia White-Irby
Hon. Roy L. Wonder
Mr. Michael Yerly
Hon. Erica Yew
Ms. Joyce M. Ziegler
We sincerely apologize if any names have been excluded. Every effort was made to provide a complete and accurate listing of all past committee members. If you were left off the list, please contact Deirdre Benedict at or 415-865-8915 so that we may correct our records.