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NewsLinks is a collection of recent news items relating primarily to the California judicial branch. NewsLinks does not verify nor endorse the accuracy or fairness of the news items, and the views expressed in opinions, editorials, and commentaries are those of the writers only.

Apr 23 The state's top judicial official honored El Camino Creek Elementary on Thursday
UT San Diego
When El Camino Creek Elementary School in Encinitas was honored by the state Thursday it wasn’t with a simple computer-printed certificate — those dime-a-dozen awards are passed out for accomplishments like perfect attendance or good citizenship.
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Apr 24 Judges can't defend colleague under attack over ruling
Daily Journal
(Subscription required) An Orange County judge's decision three weeks ago to reduce the sentence of a convicted child molester provoked outrage in the county and the nation, including demands in social media, the press and the halls of government for the judge to resign or be recalled.
Apr 24 Judicial Profile: Harvey Silberman
Daily Journal
(Subscription required) Los Angeles County Superior Court Judge Harvey Silberman is passionate about family law, especially his opportunity to impact the lives of children. That's the reason he's had no desire to change assignments in his 11 years on the bench.
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Apr 15 South LA High School Takes New Approach to Curbing Suspension Rates
Juvenile Justice Information Exchange
Restorative justice is a theory of justice that emphasizes repairing the harm caused or revealed by criminal behavior. At Augustus Hawkins High, Luciani holds conflict resolution and community-building circles, where students resolve their issues by talking them out with each other, witnesses and involved teachers and administrators.
Apr 23 Changes ahead for juvenile sentencing
Daily Journal
(Subscription required) Allen G. Weinberg, who represents prisoners sentenced as juveniles in two cases, hopes the ruling by the U.S. Supreme Court — barring mandatory sentences of life without parole for minors — will be retroactively applied to other matters.
Apr 23 Judicial Profile: Bruce A. Young
Daily Journal
(Subscription required) Ventura County Judge Bruce A. Young is relaxed, calm and controlled in the courtroom, even makes a joke once in a while. And yet, some cases keep him awake at night.
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Apr 22 State high court passes up chance to go easier on sex offenders
San Francisco Chronicle
A divided state Supreme Court voted Wednesday to leave intact a ruling requiring lifetime registration for certain non-forcible sex offenders, an issue that split Gov. Jerry Brown’s two most recent appointees.
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Apr 22 Why Are We Teaching Democracy Like a Game Show?
Education Week
Suppose a legislature passed a law that made it a graduation requirement to know the name of the town in which Shakespeare was born.
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Apr 22 Senate Judiciary Committee Passes Bill to Fund New Judgeships
Met News
A bill that would fund 10 new superior court judgeships, including one in Los Angeles County, as well as a Fourth District Court of Appeal post, was unanimously approved yesterday by the state Senate Judiciary Committee.
Apr 21 Bills move forward to curb overuse of psychiatric medications in California foster care
San Jose Mercury News
Following powerful testimony by former foster youth, a package of reform bills designed to rein in the excessive use of psychiatric drugs in California's child welfare system met unanimous approval in the state Senate on Tuesday -- the first step in a series of legislative moves ahead.
Apr 21 Synchronizing Youth Programs in California Shows Signs of Success
Juvenile Justice Information Exchange
At 8 years old, Marco had spent most of his life in the child welfare system. When an uncle took him in, to the first stable family environment he’d ever known, the boy finally began to thrive.
Apr 21 Judicial Profile: John C. Gastelum
Daily Journal
(Subscription required) As a former lead research attorney for many years with the 4th District Court of Appeal in Orange County, John C. Gastelum understands how important it is to make a good record now that he is an Orange County Superior Court judge.
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Apr 20 Appeals court rejects higher water rates for big users
San Francisco Chronicle
A state appeals court dealt a potentially serious blow Monday to local governments’ attempts to encourage water conservation in drought-parched California, ruling that they cannot charge higher rates to big users simply because those customers guzzle more water.
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Apr 20 Painful budget choices for state judiciary
Daily Journal
(Subscription required) Difficult financial decisions confronting the state judiciary came into sharp relief Friday at the Judicial Council's meeting in San Francisco as evidenced by moves to cut a court improvement fund and significantly alter dependency court funding models.
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Apr 20 Panel reverses murder conviction, cites judicial misconduct
Daily Journal
(Subscription required) A state appellate court has reversed a mother's 50 year-to-life sentence for second-degree murder in the death of her newborn after finding that the trial court judge improperly withheld evidence, disparaged the defense's expert witness and bolstered the prosecution in the jury's presence.
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Apr 20 Judicial Profile: Tari L. Cody
Daily Journal
(Subscription required) When Judge Tari L. Cody was in private practice she would hit the road for hearings in Los Angeles an hour early to be sure she wasn't late. "I got a flat tire one time. I had to change it. I still got there on time," she said.
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Apr 17 Banning Justice Center will open in May
Record Gazette
It’s official, according to the Judicial Council of California: Banning can start analyzing the effect the Banning Justice Center will have on traffic and commerce as it opens for business May 4.
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Apr 17 Judicial Profile: Teresa Guerrero-Daley
Daily Journal
(Subscription required) Santa Clara County Superior Court Judge Teresa Guerrero-Daley oversees a court of human drama. Presiding over family violence cases, she said, is unlike any assignment she has drawn in her decade on the bench.
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Apr 16 Judicial Profile: Frederick C. Shaller
Daily Journal
(Subscription required) LA Superior Court Judge Frederick Shaller tackles his busy docket with a vigorous work ethic.
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Apr 15 El Camino Creek Elementary School visited by Chief Justice
Coast News
As a recipient of one of three Awards of Excellence, California Supreme Court Chief Justice Tani G. Cantil-Sakauye will present El Camino Creek Elementary School with the award on Thursday, April 23, 2015.
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Apr 15 State high court to consider Prop. 47's impact on resentencing
Daily Journal
(Subscription required) Californians voted twice to dial back a throw-away-the-key approach to criminal justice, but the effort has hit a snag that only the state Supreme Court can fix.
Apr 15 Sex-offender limits no longer tied to voters' initiative
Associated Press
California parole agents will have to find a specific link to child victims if they decide to bar sex offender parolees from living near schools and parks, under a new policy issued Tuesday.
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Apr 14 Driver’s License Suspensions Create Cycle of Debt
New York Times
The last time Kenneth Seay lost his job, at an industrial bakery that offered health insurance and Christmas bonuses, it was because he had been thrown in jail for legal issues stemming from a revoked driver’s license.
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Apr 14 Judicial Profile: Robert D. McGuiness
Daily Journal
(Subscription required) McGuiness, a busy jurist from a family of judges, oversees a direct calendar of civil cases, meaning he hears matters from original filing to final resolution.
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Apr 13 Funding civil legal aid: A bipartisan issue
Although our economy is improving, the experiences of many truly poor people in this country remain very challenging. The legal rights of low-income Americans struggling with the many burdens of poverty must be protected, and that has been essential to the mission of the Legal Services Corporation since it was authorized in 1974 as one of the last acts of the Nixon Administration.
Apr 13 Judicial Council to Consider Sale of San Pedro Courthouse
Met News
The Judicial Council will consider the sale of the San Pedro Courthouse to Los Angeles County at its meeting this week, the council staff said Friday in a release.
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Apr 13 State Bar eyes developing license for legal technicians
Daily Journal
(Subscription required) Two years ago, the State Bar Board of Trustees concluded that licensing nonlawyers to help consumers with ordinary legal problems was an idea that needed further study.
Apr 13 Judicial Profile: Mel Red Recana
Daily Journal
(Subscription required) Judge Mel Red Recana uses his own slipups as a lawyer to help teach those appearing in his court.
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Apr 11 The school-to-court pipeline: Where does your state rank?
The Center for Public Integrity ranked states by their rate of referral for every 1,000 students. Hover or tap each demographic bar to get the percent of a group’s enrollment compared to the percent of referred students who belong to that group.
Apr 10 Editorial: California's traffic fines don't fit the crime
Los Angeles Times
California has jacked up traffic ticket prices so high that many people can't afford to pay them.
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Apr 10 Arbitration case, long delayed, finally gets a state Supreme Court oral argument date
Daily Journal
(Subscription required) An important arbitration question that has languished before the state Supreme Court since 2012 at last got an oral argument date.
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