Language Access Plan

Current Phase: Implementing the Plan

January 22, 2015: At its public meeting on January 22, the Judicial Council adopted a language access plan for the California courts (Press ReleaseExecutive Summary). The Strategic Plan for Language Access in the California Courts is the result of an 18-month effort by the Joint Working Group that included public hearings and a 60-day formal public comment period on a draft of the plan. A Language Access Plan Implementation Task Force will now be formed to help develop the methods and means for implementing the Language Access Plan in all 58 superior courts.

Harnessing Stakeholder Feedback

The Judicial Council created a Joint Working Group for California’s Language Access Plan devoted to development of a statewide LAP. Harnessing the expertise of its members and extensive public and stakeholder feedback, the Joint Working Group prepared a plan that:

  • Identifies existing efficiencies that can enhance language access for all LEP court users;
  • Provides a strategy for developing the additional resources needed for full language access; and
  • Proposes an incremental, multiyear approach to enhancing language access in the California courts.

Click here for the timeline leading up to the development of the plan. We are now in phase 5 of the planning process (implementation). Check back for updates regarding formation of the Language Access Plan Implementation Task Force.

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