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On March 5, 2013, California begins scheduling registered interpreter candidates to take Oral Proficency Exams in English and each interpreter's non-English language.  These exams are developed by the American Council on the Teaching of Foreign Languages and administered by our test administator, Prometric.  Click to learn more about What's New in California Court Interpreting.

What's New in California Court Intepreting

Trial Court Interpreters Program Expenditure Report for Fiscal Year 2011-12: Report to Legislature

(February 2013)
The Judicial Council has submitted the annual report on expenditures for court interpreters to the Legislature. The report is required under the Budget Act of 2011 (Stats. 2011, ch.33), Item 250-101-932.

Changes to Continuing Education Requirements for Interpreters and Changes for Providers of Education to Interpreters Seeking CIMCE Credit - Effective 1/01/13

The compliance requirements for certified and registered court interpreters have been changed effective January 1, 2013. See highlights of the changes.

The complete set of revised requirements can be found on the Resources for Current Interpreters page. All certified and registered interpreters need to become familiar with the new requirements.

A Year in Testing: July 2010 - July 2011 In 2010

California began using the same certification exams available to 43 other states around the country. Click to learn more statistics about who is passing these challenging exams. Highlights include: 92% of oral exam passers have completed training in interpretation. Yes- 92%.

California Test Reciprocity for Consortium Oral Interpreting Exams

Effective January 1, 2011, the California Court Interpreters Program will offer test reciprocity to court interpreters who passed Consortium-developed oral interpreting exams administered in member states.

Please note that the California Court Interpreters Program will only recognize oral interpreting exam standards and scores that meet or exceed the requirements in California. To find out more about the eligibility requirements, please see:

Designation of Farsi for Certification

Based on recommendations presented in the 2010 Language Need and Interpreter Use Study, the Administrative Director of the Courts has approved the designation of Farsi for certification.

Updated information will be provided as it is available.