Leadership Program for Supervisors - Riverside Superior Court

Administration icon Project Name: Leadership Program for Supervisors
Court: Riverside Superior Court
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Overview/Program Description:

The "Leadership Education for Entry Level Supervisors and Managers Program" (Leadership Program) offers a series of skill building classes. These courses were designed to facilitate the transition of new supervisors and managers into their roles. In addition, to enhance the Leadership Program, the Leadership and Organizational Development Team (LEAD) provides a Coaching and Career Development component that the entry-level supervisor or manager can utilize to continue success in a new position. Initially meeting with entry level supervisors and managers, LEAD staff provides training and development assistance to: create a career development plan; identify and review the required courses for completion; schedule required courses; assist the supervisor/manager in identifying knowledge, skills, and abilities for future professional growth opportunities; provide ongoing coaching to the supervisor/manager until the completion of the Leadership Program.

The Leadership Program objectives are to: develop future leaders; prepare supervisors and managers for their new roles; encourage career development plans; prepare and provide a candidate pool for succession planning; transfer institutional knowledge; improve employee retention; increase teamwork, motivation, and morale; and most importantly, increase competencies at the supervisor and manager level.

Program Benefits/Savings:

Supervisors are more confident in their decision making and have partnered with Human Resources and Staff Development to meet employees' needs and to address performance issues early. It also assisted the court in identifying points for succession planning that have been built into the court's program for future leaders.