Elder Court – Contra Costa Superior Court

Collaborative Justice icon Project Name: Elder Court
Court: Contra Costa Superior Court
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Overview/Program Description:

Elder Court is a special court docket that is heard weekly for elder abuse cases including physical, emotional, and financial abuse. For the seniors involved, all of their cases are consolidated in one docket making it possible for the judge to have a complete picture of what is happening in the senior's life. One judge oversees the entire legal process. Elder Court is a partnership with several non-profit organizations that provide services to seniors. In addition to providing legal remedies for elder plaintiffs, Elder Court coordinates the efforts of organizations that offer services to seniors. These services can include peer counselors, legal self-help clinics, and mediation between seniors and family members.

Program Benefits/Savings:

Elder Court benefits seniors by providing rapid resolution of cases; assistance with legal matters; and coordinated, ongoing, individualized support from social service organizations. Education and outreach events have been well attended, and both the number of cases being heard in Elder Court and seniors using the services has increased.