Traffic Court Reengineering - Marin Superior Court

Traffic icon Project Name: Traffic Court ReEngineering
Court: Marin Superior Court
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Overview/Program Description:

In 2012, the court eliminated open arraignment traffic and conferred many ministerial decisions previously made by the traffic commissioner to court staff in the Traffic Clerk's Office. The elimination of open (walk-in) arraignment court and changes to the processing of requests for extensions, payment plans, community service work, traffic school, and other actions that do not require judicial rulings streamlined the processes markedly. The court created an ex parte judicial review process for requests that do require judicial rulings (e.g., vacate civil assessment, dismiss a charge, etc.) so that these are reviewed in chambers by the judicial officer and the decisions are mailed to the defendants. Local rules, forms, and courtesy notices were simplified in this process.

Program Benefits/Savings:

The outcome was immediate and sustained improvement in the traffic court. It resulted in the lines disappearing on the first day. There was less confusion, more consistency in treatment of traffic cases, better outcomes for defendants who needed time to pay or otherwise resolve their issues, and a much more satisfied public. Backlogs in citation processing and trials by written declaration were completely eliminated. Even contested trial settings diminished as the public was able to use the court's new program to set up more reasonable payment plans. This program turned out better than anticipated and judges and staff alike are very pleased. Subjective benefits included improved public, staff satisfaction, and improved staff morale.

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