Building California Courthouses

The process is complex, involving local communities, state and local government agencies, justice partners, and contractors. Each judicial branch courthouse project managed by the staff of the Judicial Council follows a standard procedure, from funding and site selection through occupancy and evaluation. Even before the process begins, there are several required steps:
  • The Judicial Council approves the project;
  • A project feasibility report and budget proposal are completed and submitted for executive branch and legislative approvals;
  • A local project advisory group is formed; and
  • Judicial Council staff solicit site offers.

Click each link below to expand and collapse each step. The legend shows who is involved with each step.
blue square The Judicial Council of California, the Capital Program staff, and its design and construction partners orange square Local Court, project advisory group
cyan square Public
magenta Other state agencies (approvals)

Site Selection and Aquisition





Download brochure: Building California Courthouses.