Postcard Jury Summons - Orange Superior Court

Jury icon Project Name: Postcard Jury Summons
Court: Orange Superior Court
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Overview/Program Description:

Orange County Superior Court sends prospective jurors a double-sided postcard jury summons, in lieu of an envelope containing a long-form summons, indicating where and when to appear or call-in for jury service. Each postcard summons includes a unique juror ID number, as well as instructions on how to respond to the summons through the court's online eJuror system.

Prospective jurors may access eJuror and initiate their response by going to the web address listed on the postcard summons. This web address leads to a landing page, which provides basic information and instructions then links prospective jurors to the login screen. To log in, prospective jurors input their juror ID number and date of birth. The eJuror system cross-references this information with the court's jury management system and asks for verification of the prospective juror’s identity. After logging in, prospective jurors complete a biographical information questionnaire, and the eJuror system then registers them as having responded to their summons. Prospective jurors without access to the internet may call the number on their summons to request a hard-copy of the questionnaire.

Program Benefits/Savings:

Transitioning to a postcard jury summons has enabled the Orange County Superior Court to reduce costs and simplify the response system for prospective jurors. Cost savings stem from a reduced need for postage and printing. The court has accrued additional savings due to a reduction in staff time, as the transition to postcard jury summonses eliminated the need for manual data entry of returned questionnaires. Data entry backlog has been completely eliminated and the juror check in process has been expedited, reducing staff needed for check in and the check-in wait time for potential jurors.

In addition to reducing costs for the court, the postcard jury summons has simplified the response system for prospective jurors since they are no longer required to complete the biographical information questionnaire by hand and mail the questionnaire back to the court. Additionally, the electronic biographical information questionnaire was modified to include a question whether the prospective juror will require ADA accommodations in the performance of their service. This addition eliminated the need for prospective jurors to e-mail or call the court regarding these concerns.