Traffic Citation Outsourcing (Citation Review, Data Entry, Imaging, and Transmission) - Orange Superior Court

Traffic icon Project Name: Traffic Citation Outsourcing (Citation Review, Data Entry, Imaging, and Transmission)
Court: Orange Superior Court
   Documents: Program Cost Benefit Analysis

Overview/Program Description:

The court outsources data entry, imaging, citation review services, and electronic data transmission tasks, for traffic citations to a private vendor. Following limited processing by the court, the vendor is also responsible for retrieving citations, reviewing citations for errors, inputting citation data, digitally imaging citations, electronically transferring citation data and image to the court’s case management system, and returning processed citations to the court.

Though most of the outsourced citations contain infraction violations, citations documenting violations of Vehicle Code 12500(a), and driving without a valid license, are also eligible for outsourcing. This is the only misdemeanor citation that can be outsourced to the vendor.

Program Benefits/Savings:

The court began outsourcing traffic citations for data entry, review, imaging, and transmission in order to handle a large volume of traffic citations (approximately 500,000 per year) in a more efficient manner. Due to staffing constraints, the units formerly dedicated to processing traffic citations were unable to process the citations within the necessary timeframe, resulting in the accumulation of a backlog. Outsourcing improved efficiency, removed backlogs and generated substantial cost savings for the court. These savings stemmed from a dramatic reduction in the amount of court staff needed for traffic citation processing.