Online Conservatorship Orientation Video Program - San Bernardino Superior Court

Probate icon Project Name: Online Conservatorship Orientation Video Program
Court: San Bernardino Superior Court
   Links: Online Conservatorship Orientation

Overview/Program Description:

The Online Conservatorship Orientation Video Program was developed to enhance services for court users by replacing the current in-person conservatorship orientation program mandated by local rule. The video includes closed captioning options of English for Hard of Hearing users and Spanish for Spanish-speaking users. The video program also has links to the California Courts website, ( for users to utilize the self-help portion of the website as it relates to conservatorship, probate, seniors, wills, and estates. Users are also provided a link to Judicial Council forms.

Program Benefits/Savings:

Since the Online Conservatorship Orientation Video Program was launched in November 2015, the court projects a reduction in court users having to come to court to complete the orientation program. The in-person class will continue but there may be less of a need for in-person classes which will save staff and presenter time.

It is also projected that court users will have improved satisfaction by having a more convenient option to complete the orientation and by eliminating the commute to downtown San Bernardino to complete the class.

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