Commission for Impartial Courts


Commissioned: Sept 2007

Chair: Associate Justice Ming W. Chin, California Supreme Court

Purpose:to safeguard judicial quality, impartiality, and accountability in California.

Status: On Dec 15, 2009 the Judicial Council accepted the commission’s 71 recommendations and also directed that an implementation plan be developed to carry out them out. An implementation committee is currently working to prioritize the deployment of the recommendations.

December 13, 2012 Commission for Impartial Courts Recommendation Implementation Status

 August 27, 2010: The Implementation Committee of the Commission for Impartial Courts (CIC) presents to the Judicial Council action 2 of the 12 recommendations from the CIC’s final report that address judicial outreach, public information, and civics education. Presented by Judge Judith D. McConnell, Chair, Subcommittee on Public Information and Education.

 Feb 26, 2010: priorities for implementation are presented to the Judicial Council by Justice Ming Chin. Memo to the Judicial Council.


Final Recommendations
Presented by Justice Ming Chin
Judicial Council Meeting
December 15, 2009

1 hr 10min

Final Recommendations Report
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