Performance-Based Infrastructure

Courthouse Construction

The need for trial court construction and repair in California is immense, with an estimated cost of approximately $3 billion just for immediately needed courthouse projects. No single source of public funds is large enough to finance these projects, so the State of California, through staff to the Judicial Council, is exploring new and promising ways to construct court buildings in partnership with the private sector. Performance-Based Infrastructure (PBI) partnerships capitalize on the development expertise of the private real estate, design, construction, and facilities operations sector, while ensuring that projects meet their objective of providing high-quality infrastructure for the public.


Report to the Legislature (6/2014)
This report compares the Governor Deukmejian Courthouse, built through PBI, with projects using the state's traditional design-bid-build capital delivery method.

AOC Responds to Legislative Analyst (11//2012)
Letter from Lee Willoughby, director of Judicial Branch Capital Program Office, in response to LAO report, Maximizing State Benefits From Public-Private Partnerships

Long Beach Court Building Proceeds (12//2010)
Project agreement finalized and financing secured for first U.S. Courthouse delivered by performance-based infrastructure, to replace the Long Beach Courthouse.

Long Beach Judicial Partners Selected as Preferred Proposer ( 6/2010)
Long Beach Judicial Partners has been selected as preferred proposer for the Long Beach Court Building project, the AOC's first PBI project. The AOC and LBJP must finalize the project agreement and the Department of Finance must approve it before the agreement is signed and the project proceeds.
More about the consortium

Three Long Beach Court Building Proposals Received (12/2009)
In December 2009, three private consortia submitted the final portion of their proposals to finance, design, build, operate, and maintain the new Long Beach Court Building.

Three Teams Selected to Submit Proposals for Long Beach Court Building Project  (5/2009)
The AOC's Request for Proposal, issued in May 2009, set direction for the three teams and outlined our selection guidelines and process.

For more information about the Long Beach Court Building project, see the project page.

About Performance-Based Infrastructure Projects

Fact Sheet: Performance-Based Infrastructure
The Judicial Council of California is leading the way for new approaches to the construction and caretaking of new courthouses, both in California and nationwide.

Frequently Asked Questions
Answers to some of the most frequently asked questions about performance-based infrastructure projects.

Letter from William Vickrey regarding the Long Beach Court Building Project