About CalRAPP
A small group of pilot counties will participate in the California Risk Assessment Pilot Project (CalRAPP) to take a more detailed look at the implementation of EBP. CalRAPP will focus on 18-25 year old felony offenders and explore how local justice systems make the transition to EBP and the impact of individual characteristics-such as prior criminal history or type of offense-affect the success of EBP.


The project is a collaborative effort bringing together county teams from the superior courts, probation departments, public defenders, district attorneys, and other justice partners. Recidivism and revocation rates will be tracked for up to three years for both participating offenders and a control group of similar offenders not participating in the project.


CalRAPP was launched in June 2009 as a joint project of the Judicial Council and the Chief Probation Officers of California. CalRAPP is funded by the National Institute of Corrections and the State Justice Institute. The grants supporting this project were awarded based on the reputation of the California courts and probation departments, and work at the October 2008 Summit of Judicial Leaders.


Participating CalRAPP pilot counties are Napa, San Francisco, Santa Cruz and Yolo.

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