New Resource: Local Commission Website

July-August 2010

New Resource: Local Commission Website
In response to requests from local teams that wanted a place to post materials easily accessible to their whole collaborative group, the AOC recently launched the Local Blue Ribbon Commission website, which is a component of the pre-existing California Dependency Online Guide. On this new website county teams can exchange ideas and information within their own county and across other counties in California.

The California Dependency Online Guide is a resource website that provides high quality, dependency-related legal and non-legal information to California attorneys, judicial officers, social workers, tribal representatives, CASAs, and other child welfare professionals. County teams may choose, by using the local commission website, to share meeting and membership information, news, and resources such as data reports, work plans, educational materials, policies, and other documents with their team and with other local commissions throughout the state.

The Local Blue Ribbon Commission website also communicates statewide information to the local commissions from the California Blue Ribbon Commission on Children in Foster Care, the California Child Welfare Council, the Administrative Office of the Courts and other groups. This is a free subscriber-based website for child welfare professionals, including local blue ribbon commission members.

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