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Program Overview and Purpose

As part of the Budget Act of 2014, the Legislature allocated $15 million from the Recidivism Reduction Fund (RRF) for a competitive grant program to be administered by the Judicial Council of California. The funds are designated for courts to use in the administration and operation of programs and practices known to reduce offender recidivism and enhance public safety, including the use of validated risk and needs assessments, other evidence-based practices, and programs that specifically address the needs of mentally ill and drug-addicted offenders. Because these funds are specifically designated for court programs, judicial leadership is critical for all funded programs.

These funds are available to trial courts for the establishment or ongoing operation of programs known to reduce adult recidivism and enhance public safety, including:

  1. Adult criminal collaborative courts that serve moderate and high-risk offenders
  2. Pretrial programs

In addition, mini-grants are available to courts interested in training and technical assistance around collaborative courts, pretrial programs and use of risk and needs assessments.

Map of California RRF grant awards
With three rounds of grants made in April, July and November of 2015, a total of 36 courts and their criminal justice partners are now operating Recidivism Reduction Fund projects in either the pretrial or collaborative courts category and/or receiving training and technical assistance.

Summary of RRF Awards

Recidivism Reduction Fund Resources

Recidivism Reduction Fund Grantees:

From Contract, Exhibit E:

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