Published Opinions

Published Opinions of the appellate courts are opinions certified for publication or ordered published and may be cited or relied on by courts and parties.

  • Official Reports Opinions (Searchable 1850-Present) are the searchable, citable, published opinions that reflect postfiling corrections. This no-fee service is provided by LexisNexis.
  • Slip Opinions are as-filed versions of opinions. Slip opinions certified for publication do not reflect enhancement, editing and correction for the Official Reports.
  • Supreme Court slip opinions are posted immediately on filing at 10:00 a.m. on Mondays and Thursdays. Court of Appeal slip opinions are posted throughout the day as soon after filing as possible.

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    Date Posted
    Docket #/
    File Format

    Jul 22, 2014D061946
    [PDF] [DOC]

    P. v. Chavez 7/22/14 CA4/1   Case Details
    Jul 21, 2014B248941
    [PDF] [DOC]

    Ganoe v. Metalclad Insulation Corp. 7/8/14 CA2/3   Case Details
    Jul 21, 2014D064276
    [PDF] [DOC]

    P. v. Chenault 7/11/14 CA4/1   Case Details
    Jul 21, 2014A136607M
    [PDF] [DOC]

    Dept. of Fair Employment and Housing v. Ottovich 7/21/14 CA1/4   Case Details
    Jul 21, 2014C066262M
    [PDF] [DOC]

    P. v. Brown 7/21/14 CA3   Case Details
    Jul 21, 2014A137035N
    [PDF] [DOC]

    Hardin v. PDX, Inc. 7/21/14 CA1/3   Case Details
    Jul 21, 2014D064517
    [PDF] [DOC]

    Rhea v. General Atomics 7/21/14 CA4/1   Case Details
    Jul 21, 2014C072591
    [PDF] [DOC]

    Sutter Health v. Super. Ct. 7/21/14 CA3   Case Details
    Jul 21, 2014A138642
    [PDF] [DOC]

    Galen v. Redfin Corporation 7/21/14 CA1/1   Case Details
    Jul 18, 2014C073624N
    [PDF] [DOC]

    Co. of Colusa v. Douglas 7/11/14 CA3   Case Details
    Jul 18, 2014B251487A
    [PDF] [DOC]

    Benavides v. WCAB 7/18/14 CA2/3   Case Details
    Jul 18, 2014D063337
    [PDF] [DOC]

    Olive Lake Industrial Park v. Co. of San Diego 7/18/14 CA4/1   Case Details