Published Opinions

Published or "citable" opinions of the appellate courts are opinions ordered published in the Official Reports, and may be cited or relied on by other courts and parties.

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  • Slip Opinions are as-filed versions of opinions certified for publication or ordered published; they do not reflect enhancement, editing, and correction for the Official Reports. Slip opinions from the last 120 days are posted together on this page as public information about actions taken by the courts.
  • Supreme Court slip opinions are posted immediately on filing at 10:00 a.m. on Mondays and Thursdays. Court of Appeal slip opinions are posted throughout the day as soon after filing as possible.
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    Please note that copies of published opinions may also be available from or searchable through sources other than this website.

    Date Posted
    Docket #/
    File Format

    Sep 18, 2014G049629
    [PDF] [DOC]

    Pope v. Babick 9/18/14 CA4/3   Case Details
    Sep 18, 2014E058212
    [PDF] [DOC]

    P. v. Watt 9/18/14 CA4/2   Case Details
    Sep 18, 2014C073061
    [PDF] [DOC]

    P. v. De La Rosa 9/8/14 CA3   Case Details
    Sep 18, 2014G049194
    [PDF] [DOC]

    Los Alamitos Unified etc. v. Howard Contracting 9/10/14 CA4/3   Case Details
    Sep 17, 2014A139263
    [PDF] [DOC]

    Snyder v. California Insurance Guarantee Assn. 9/17/14 CA1/3   Case Details
    Sep 17, 2014E059517
    [PDF] [DOC]

    P. Chaides 9/17/14 CA4/2   Case Details
    Sep 17, 2014C071416
    [PDF] [DOC]

    Scottsdale Indemnity v. National Continental 8/20/14 CA3   Case Details
    Sep 17, 2014H039252
    [PDF] [DOC]

    P. v. Sem 9/17/14 CA6   Case Details
    Sep 16, 2014E054517
    [PDF] [DOC]

    Raceway Ford Cases 9/16/14 CA4/2   Case Details
    Sep 16, 2014E054475
    [PDF] [DOC]

    P. v. Batchelor 9/16/14 CA4/2   Case Details
    Sep 16, 2014B254739
    [PDF] [DOC]

    Judicial Council v. Super. Ct. 9/16/14 CA2/5   Case Details
    Sep 16, 2014B248767
    [PDF] [DOC]

    P. v. Peyton 9/16/14 CA2/6   Case Details
    Sep 15, 2014A135512
    [PDF] [DOC]

    Coalition for Adequate Review v. City & County of S.F. 9/15/14 CA1/1   Case Details
    Sep 15, 2014B252830
    [PDF] [DOC]

    Jon Davler, Inc. v. Arch Insurance Company 8/25/14 CA2/7   Case Details
    Sep 15, 2014B249119A
    [PDF] [DOC]

    Castaneda v. Ensign Group, Inc. 9/15/14 CA2/6   Case Details