Court Interpreters Advisory Panel

Assists the council in performing its duties through promoting access to spoken-language interpreters and interpreters for deaf and hearing-impaired persons.

Date Established:
June, 1993

April 16, 2015 Meeting (Teleconference)
12:00 – 1:00 p.m.
Public Call-In Number: 1-877-820-7831 Passcode: 5576380

Previous Meetings

The 15 member Court Interpreters Advisory Panel includes: one appellate court justice; two superior court judges; two court administrators, including at least one trial court executive officer; four certified or registered court interpreter employees, one from each of the four regions established by California Government Code §71807; two certified or registered independent contract court interpreters in a language other than Spanish; and, four non-voting advisors. Members are appointed by the Chief Justice for a three-year term.

Rule 10.51 of the California Rules of Court states the charge of the Court Interpreters Advisory Panel (CIAP) is to assist the California Judicial Council in performing its duties under Government Code sections 68560 through 68566, and to promote access to spoken-language interpreters and interpreters for deaf and hearing-impaired persons. To carry out this charge, CIAP reviews and makes recommendations to the council on:

  1. Interpreter use and need in court proceedings;
  2. Certification, registration, testing, recruiting, training, continuing education and professional conduct of court interpreters; and,
  3. The findings of the language need and interpreter use study for interpreters in California court proceedings that is conducted by the Administrative Office of the Courts every five years under Government Code section 68563.

Download the committee roster

Hon. Steven K. Austin, Chair
Assistant Presiding Judge
County of Contra Costa

Ms. Christina M. Volkers, Vice-Chair
Court Executive Officer
County of San Bernardino

Hon. Miguel Márquez
Associate Justice of the Court of Appeal
Sixth Appellate District

Mr. Hector Gonzalez
Court Executive Officer
County of Mono

Hon. Manuel J. Covarrubias
Superior Court Judge
County of Ventura

Ms. Claritza J. Callaci ,
Certified Court Interpreter
Region 1
County of Los Angeles

Ms. Lisa McNaughton
Certified Court Interpreter
Region 2
County of Sonoma

Ms. Janet Hudec
Certified Court Interpreter
Region 3
County of Madera

Mr. Bao Luu
Certified Court Interpreter
Region 4
County of Orange

Mr. Jaeis Chon
Certified Court Interpreter
Independent Contractor

Ms. Oleksandra Johnson
Certified Court Interpreter
Independent Contractor


Ms. Ramona Crossley
ASL Interpreter
Superior Court of California,
  County of Sacramento

Ms. Maureen Keffer
Indigenous Program Director
California Rural Legal Assistance, Inc.

Ms. Ivette Peña
Court Counsel
Superior Court of California
County of Los Angeles

Ms. Katherine Williams
Court Operations Manager
Superior Court of California,
  County of San Diego

In May of 1978, after a comprehensive survey of the language needs of California citizens, the enactment of AB 2400 made California the first state to mandate court interpreter services and testing of interpreter skills and competency. In January 1993, the Legislature required the council to certify and register court interpreters and adopt standards and requirements for interpreter education. (Sen. Bill 1304; Stats. 1992, ch. 770.) At the same time, the Legislature also created the court interpreters' fund, and mandated data collection and periodic study of language use and interpreter need in California.

As a result of SB 1304, the Chief Justice appointed the Court Interpreters Advisory Panel as a new Judicial Council standing advisory committee. The Court Interpreters Advisory Panel is unique in that a majority of the voting members must be court interpreters.

California has the largest pool of certified and registered interpreters in the country.  There are over 1750 certified and or registered interpreters currently on the Judicial Council's List of Certified Court Interpreters and Registered Court Interpreters.

See also: Joint Working Group for California's Language Access Plan
The Joint Working Group is composed of two Judicial Council advisory groups: Access & Fairness Advisory Committee and the Court Interpreters Advisory Panel, and also includes bench officers, court staff, and certified and registered court interpreters (both contractors and court employees).

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