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Use the Judicial Council Master List to search for court certified and registered interpreters who are in good standing with the Judicial Council. Interpreters are added to the Master List after passing the required exams and officially enrolling with the Judicial Council. California Government Code Sections 68561- 68562 outline the certification/registration process and the maintenance and use of the list.

IMPORTANT NOTICE: Each interpreter on the Master List is required to carry a Judicial Council issued badge that displays a current photo, the interpreter's official identification number, and an expiration date. Use this badge as part of your identity verification process and to obtain the certification or registration number as needed for your records. Inclusion on the Master List indicates only that the interpreter has complied with all requirements for certification/registration, has officially enrolled with the Judicial Council, has paid all applicable fees, and has satisfied all applicable continuing education requirements. Please note that the Judicial Council has not verified eligibility to work in the United States of any interpreter on the Master List and has not conducted a criminal background check on any interpreter on the Master List.

Due to a system upgrade, information on the Judicial Council Master List concerning whether an interpreter is certified and/or registered in a particular language may be incorrect. To verify whether an interpreter is certified and/or registered in a particular language, please e-mail the Judicial Council at We will respond to your inquiry within four business hours, between 8:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m., Monday through Friday. We apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused.

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* Notice:

The Judicial Council's Master List of Certified and Registered Court Interpreters is provided to assist you in locating an interpreter. You will be held liable for misuse of the information contained in the Master List.

Government Code §27293 permits California county clerks to certify documents translated into English only if the document has been translated by American Translators Association certified translators, California Certified Court Interpreters, or California Registered Interpreters. California Certified Court or Registered Interpreters are authorized in a judicial proceeding to interpret orally the verbal content of documents, but the Judicial Council does not otherwise test or certify an interpreter's written translation skills.

AB 349, the 2007 legislation responsible for this provision under Government Code §27293, can be found at: