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2016 California Rules of Court

Rule 5.62. Appearance by respondent or defendant

(a) Appearance

Except as provided in Code of Civil Procedure section 418.10, a respondent or defendant is deemed to have appeared in a proceeding when he or she files:

(1)A response or answer;

(2)A notice of motion to strike, under section 435 of the Code of Civil Procedure;

(3)A notice of motion to transfer the proceeding under section 395 of the Code of Civil Procedure; or

(4)A written notice of his or her appearance.

(b) Notice required after appearance

After appearance, the respondent or defendant or his or her attorney is entitled to notice of all subsequent proceedings of which notice is required to be given by these rules or in civil actions generally.

(c) No notice required

Where a respondent or defendant has not appeared, notice of subsequent proceedings need not be given to the respondent or defendant except as provided in these rules.

Rule 5.62 adopted effective January 1, 2013.

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