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2017 California Rules of Court

Rule 4.428. Criteria affecting imposition of enhancements

If an enhancement is punishable by one of three terms, the court must, in its discretion, impose the term that best serves the interest of justice and state the reasons for its sentence choice on the record at the time of sentencing.

If the judge has statutory discretion to strike the additional term for an enhancement in the furtherance of justice under section 1385(c) or based on circumstances in mitigation, the court may consider and apply any of the circumstances in mitigation enumerated in these rules or, under rule 4.408, any other reasonable circumstances in mitigation or in the furtherance of justice.

The judge should not strike the allegation of the enhancement.

Rule 4.428 amended effective January 1, 2011; adopted as rule 428 effective January 1, 1991; previously renumbered effective January 1, 2001; previously amended effective January 1, 1998, July 1, 2003, January 1, 2007, May 23, 2007, and January 1, 2008.

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