2018 California Rules of Court

Rule 9.4. Nomination and appointment of members to the Committee of Bar Examiners

(a) Appointments

The Supreme Court is responsible for appointing ten examiners to the Committee of Bar Examiners, each for a four-year term. At least one of the ten examiners must be a judicial officer in this state, and the balance must be members of the State Bar. At least one of the attorney examiners shall have been admitted to practice law in California within three years from the date of his or her appointment. The court may reappoint an attorney or judicial officer examiner to serve no more than three additional full terms, and may fill any vacancy in the term of any appointed attorney or judicial officer examiner.

(b) Nominations

The Supreme Court must make its appointments from a list of candidates nominated by the Board of Trustees of the State Bar pursuant to a procedure approved by the court.

Rule 9.4 adopted effective January 1, 2018.

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