2018 California Rules of Court

Rule 9.6. Supreme Court approval of bar examination

(a) Bar examination

The Committee of Bar Examiners is responsible for determining the bar examination's format, scope, topics, content, questions, and grading process, subject to review and approval by the Supreme Court. The Supreme Court must set the passing score of the examination.

(b) Analysis of validity

At least once every seven years, or whenever directed by the Supreme Court, the State Bar must conduct an analysis of the validity of the bar examination. The State Bar must prepare and submit a report summarizing its findings and recommendations, if any, to the Supreme Court. Any recommendations proposing significant changes to the bar examination, and any recommended change to the passing score, must be submitted to the Supreme Court for its review and approval.

(c) Report on examination

The State Bar must provide the Supreme Court a report on each administration of the bar examination in a timely manner.

Rule 9.6 adopted effective January 1, 2018.

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