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2015 California Rules of Court

Rule 10.102. Acceptance of gifts

(a) Administrative Director of the Courts' authority to accept gifts

The Administrative Director of the Courts may accept on behalf of any entity listed in (b) any gift of real or personal property if the gift and any terms and conditions are found to be in the best interest of the state. Any applicable standards used by the Director of Finance under Government Code section 11005.1 may be considered in accepting gifts.

(Subd (a) amended effective January 1, 2007; adopted as unlettered subd; previously amended and lettered effective January 1, 2004.)

(b) Delegation of authority

The Administrative Director may delegate the authority to accept gifts to the following, under any guidelines established by the Administrative Office of the Courts:

(1)The executive officer of a superior court, for gifts to the superior court;

(2)The clerk/administrator of a Court of Appeal, for gifts to a Court of Appeal;

(3)The clerk of the Supreme Court, for gifts to the Supreme Court; and

(4)The Director of the Finance Division of the Administrative Office of the Courts, for gifts to the Judicial Council and the Administrative Office of the Courts.

(Subd (b) amended effective January 1, 2007; previously adopted effective January 1, 2004.)

Rule 10.102 amended and renumbered effective January 1, 2007; adopted as rule 989.7 effective September 13, 1991; previously amended and renumbered as rule 6.102 effective January 1, 2004.

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