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2015 California Rules of Court

Rule 10.11. Executive and Planning Committee

(a) Actions on behalf of the Judicial Council

The Executive and Planning Committee may take action on behalf of the council between council meetings, except for:

(1)Adopting rules of court, standards of judicial administration, and forms;

(2)Making appointments that by statute must be made by the council; and

(3)Taking actions that are delegated to other council internal committees.

(Subd (a) adopted effective August 14, 2009.)

(b) Planning

The committee oversees the council's strategic planning process.

(Subd (b) adopted effective August 14, 2009.)

(c) Court facilities

The committee oversees the council's policies and procedures regarding court facilities, including development of policies, procedures, and guidelines for facilities; site selection; and capital appropriations.

(Subd (c) adopted effective August 14, 2009.)

(d) Budgets

The committee ensures that proposed judicial branch budgets, allocation schedules, and related budgetary issues are brought to the Judicial Council in a timely manner and in a format that permits the council to establish funding priorities in the context of the council's annual program objectives, statewide policies, and long-range strategic and operational plans.

(Subd (d) adopted effective August 14, 2009.)

(e) Agendas for council meetings

The committee establishes agendas for council meetings by determining:

(1)Whether items submitted for the council's agenda require the council's action and are presented in a form that provides the council with the information it needs to make well-informed decisions; and

(2)Whether each item should be on the consent, discussion, or information agenda; how much time should be allotted for discussion; what presenters should be invited to speak; and, when appropriate, which specific issues should be discussed.

(Subd (e) adopted effective August 14, 2009.)

(f) Topics for making policy and receiving updates

The committee develops a schedule of topics that the council intends to consider for making policy and receives updates from the Administrative Director of the Courts or Administrative Office of the Courts staff.

(Subd (f) adopted effective August 14, 2009.)

(g) Governance

The committee makes recommendations to the council regarding governance and oversees the council's review of its governance policies and principles.

(Subd (g) adopted effective August 14, 2009.)

(h) Nominations

The committee recommends candidates to the Chief Justice for appointment to the Judicial Council and its advisory bodies.

(Subd (h) adopted effective August 14, 2009.)

(i) Oversight of advisory committees and task forces

For those advisory committees and task forces over which it has been assigned oversight by the Chief Justice, the committee ensures that activities of each are consistent with the council's goals and policies. To achieve these outcomes, the committee:

(1)Communicates the council's annual charge to each; and

(2)Reviews an annual agenda for each to determine whether the annual agenda is consistent with its charge and with the priorities established by the council.

(Subd (i) adopted effective August 14, 2009.)

(j) Communications

The committee promotes effective policies for communications between the Judicial Council and the judicial branch.

(Subd (j) adopted effective August 14, 2009.)

Rule 10.11 amended effective August 14, 2009; adopted as rule 6.11 effective January 1, 1999; previously amended effective January 1, 2002, September 1, 2003, and January 1, 2005; previously amended and renumbered effective January 1, 2007.

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