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2015 California Rules of Court

Rule 10.16. Technology Committee

(a) Technology policies

The Technology Committee oversees the council's policies concerning information technology. The committee is responsible for determining that council policies are complied with on specific projects approved and funded by the council and that those projects proceed on schedule and within scope and budget.

(b) Coordination

The committee coordinates the activities of the Administrative Director of the Courts, council internal committees and advisory committees, the courts, justice partners, and stakeholders on matters relating to court information technology. The committee also, in collaboration or consultation with the Policy Coordination and Liaison Committee, coordinates with other branches of government on information technology issues.

(c) Reports

The committee seeks reports and recommendations from the Administrative Director, the courts, and stakeholders on information technology issues. It ensures that information technology reports to the council are clear, are comprehensive, and provide relevant options so that the council can make effective final information technology policy decisions.

(d) Technology needs, standards, and systems

The committee will, in partnership with the courts, develop timelines and recommendations to the council for:

(1)Establishing an approach and vision for implementing information technology that serves the courts, litigants, attorneys, justice partners, and the public, while considering available resources and information technology needs;

(2)Improving judicial branch information technology governance to best serve the implementation of technological solutions;

(3)Establishing a strategic information technology plan for the judicial branch and the courts;

(4)Developing information technology standards; and

(5)Developing standardized requests for proposals, identifying appropriate vendors, and encouraging the courts to leverage their collective economic purchasing power in acquiring technological systems.

(e) Oversight of advisory committees and task forces

For those advisory committees and task forces over which it has been assigned oversight by the Chief Justice, the Technology Committee ensures that the activities of each are consistent with the council's goals and policies. To achieve these outcomes, the committee:

(1)Communicates the council's annual charge to each; and

(2)Reviews an annual agenda for each to determine whether the annual agenda is consistent with its charge and with the priorities established by the council.

Rule 10.10 amended effective February 20, 2014.

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