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2017 California Rules of Court

Rule 10.63. Advisory Committee on Financial Accountability and Efficiency for the Judicial Branch

(a) Area of focus

The committee makes recommendations to the council on practices that will promote financial accountability and efficiency in the judicial branch.

(b) Additional duties

In addition to the duties specified in rule 10.34, the committee must:

(1)Make recommendations annually to the council concerning any budget change proposals for funding of the Administrative Office of the Courts (AOC) and any proposed changes to the annual compensation plan for the AOC;

(2)Review all audit reports of the judicial branch, recommend council acceptance of audit reports, and, where appropriate, make recommendations to the council on individual or systemic issues;

(3)Report to the council on AOC contracts that meet established criteria to ensure that the contracts are in support of judicial branch policy; and

(4)Review proposed updates and revisions to the Judicial Branch Contracting Manual.

(c) Membership

The committee must include members in the following categories:

(1)Appellate court justices;

(2)Superior court judges; and

(3)Court executive officers.

The California Judges Association will recommend three nominees for a superior court judge position and submit its recommendations to the Executive and Planning Committee of the Judicial Council.

Rule 10.63 adopted effective February 20, 2014.

Advisory Committee Comment

The purpose of the Advisory Committee on Financial Accountability and Efficiency for the Judicial Branch is to promote transparency, accountability, efficiency, and understanding of the AOC and the judicial branch. The advisory committee fosters the best use of the work, information, and recommendations provided by the AOC, and it promotes increased understanding of the AOC's mission, responsibilities, accomplishments, and challenges.

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