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2015 California Rules of Court

Rule 10.64. Trial Court Budget Advisory Committee

(a) Area of focus

The Trial Court Budget Advisory Committee makes recommendations to the council on the preparation, development, and implementation of the budget for the trial courts and provides input to the council on policy issues affecting trial court funding.

(b) Additional duties

In addition to the duties specified in rule 10.34, the committee may make recommendations to the council on:

(1)Trial court budget priorities to guide the development of the budget for the upcoming fiscal year;

(2)The allocation of trial court funding, including any changes to existing methodologies for allocating trial court budget augmentations and reductions; and

(3)Budget policies and procedures, as appropriate.

(c) Membership

(1)The advisory committee consists of an equal number of trial court presiding judges and court executive officers reflecting diverse aspects of state trial courts, including urban, suburban, and rural locales; the size and adequacy of budgets; and the number of authorized judgeships.

(2)A presiding judge and court executive officer may be from the same court.

(3)The chairs of the Trial Court Presiding Judges Advisory Committee and the Court Executives Advisory Committee serve as ex officio voting members.

(4)Notwithstanding rule 10.31(e), a presiding judge is qualified to complete his or her term on the advisory committee even if his or her term as presiding judge of a trial court ends.

(5)The Administrative Office of the Courts' chief of staff, chief administrative officer, chief operating officer, and director of the fiscal services office serve as non-voting members.

(d) Cochairs

The Chief Justice appoints a presiding judge and the Director of the Fiscal Services Office to serve as cochairs.

Rule 10.64 adopted effective February 20, 2014.

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