Past & Present Justices

Below is a list of the California Supreme Court Justices, starting with the most recently appointed.  All names with an asterisk (*) indicate that the justice once served as Chief Justice.
Tani Cantil-Sakauye  January 2011–Present
Goodwin Liu  August 2011–Present
Carol A. Corrigan  January 2006–Present
Carlos R. Moreno October 2001–March 2011
Janice R. Brown  May 1996–June 2005
Ming W. Chin  March 1996–Present
Kathryn M. Werdegar  June 1994–Present
Ronald M. George September 1991–January 2011
Marvin R. Baxter  January 1991–Present
Armand Arabian  March 1990–February 1996
Joyce L. Kennard  April 1989–Present
Marcus M. Kaufman  March 1987–January 1990
David N. Eagleson  March 1987–January 1991
John A. Arguelles  March 1987–March 1989
Edward A. Panelli  December 1985–January 1994
Malcolm M. Lucas*  April 1984–April 1996
Joseph R. Grodin  December 1982–January 1987
Cruz Reynoso  February 1982–January 1987
Allen E. Broussard  July 1981–August 1991
Otto M. Kaus  July 1981–October 1985
Frank C. Newman  July 1977–December 1982
Rose Elizabeth Bird*  March 1977–January 1987
Wiley W. Manuel  March 1977–January 1981
Frank K. Richardson  December 1974–December 1983
William P. Clark, Jr.  March 1973–March 1981
Donald R. Wright*  April 1970–February 1977
Raymond L. Sullivan  December 1966–January 1977
Louis H. Burke  November 1964–November 1974
Stanley Mosk  September 1964–June 2001
Paul Peek  December 1962–December 1966
Mathew O. Tobriner  July 1962–January 1982
Maurice T. Dooling, Jr.  June 1960–June 1962
Thomas P. White  August 1959–October 1962
Raymond E. Peters  March 1959–January 1973
Marshall F. McComb January 1956–May 1977
Homer R. Spence  January 1945–June 1960
B. Rey Schauer  December 1942–September 1964
Roger J. Traynor* August 1940–February 1970
Phil S. Gibson*  September 1939–August 1964
Jesse W. Carter September 1939–March 1959
Frederick W. Houser  September 1937–October 1942
Douglas L. Edmonds  November 1936–December 1955
Nathaniel P. Conrey  October 1935–November 1936
Ira F. Thompson  December 1932–August 1937
William H. Langdon  January 1927–August 1939
John W. Preston  December 1926–October 1935
Jeremiah F. Sullivan  November 1926–January 1927
Frank G. Finlayson  October 1926–December 1926
Jesse W. Curtis  January 1926–January 1945
John W. Shenk  April 1924–August 1959
John E. Richards  February 1924–June 1932
Louis W. Myers*  January 1923–January 1926
Emmet Seawell  January 1923–July 1939
Frank H. Kerrigan  January 1923–February 1924
Terry W. Ward  December 1922–January 1923
William H. Waste*  November 1921–June 1940
Charles A. Shurtleff  July 1921–December 1922
William A. Sloane  May 1920–December 1922
Warren Olney, Jr.  March 1919–July 1921
Thomas J. Lennon  January 1919–August 1926
Curtis D. Wilbur*  January 1918–March 1924
William P. Lawlor January 1915–July 1926
Matt I. Sullivan*  August 1914–January 1915
Henry A. Melvin  September 1908–April 1920
M. C. Sloss  February 1906–February 1919
William G. Lorigan  January 1903–January 1919
Lucien Shaw*  January 1903–January 1923
Frank M. Angellotti*  January 1903–November 1921
Walter Van Dyke  January 1899–December 1905
Frederick W. Henshaw  January 1895–January 1918
W. C. Van Fleet  April 1894–January 1899
William F. Fitzgerald  January 1893–January 1895
Ralph C. Harrison  January 1891–January 1903
Charles H. Garoutte  January 1891–January 1903
John J. De Haven  January 1891–January 1895
Charles N. Fox  June 1889–January 1891
William H. Beatty*  January 1889–August 1914
John D. Works  October 1888–January 1891
Niles Searls*  April 1887–January 1889
Thomas B. McFarland  January 1887–September 1908
A. Van R. Paterson  January 1887–April 1894
James D. Thornton  January 1880–January 1891
Milton H. Myrick  January 1880–January 1887
Samuel Bell McKee  January 1880–December 1887
John R. Sharpstein  January 1880–December 1892
Erskine M. Ross  January 1880–October 1886
Robert F. Morrison*  November 1879–March 1887
E. W. McKinstry  January 1874–October 1888
Isaac S. Belcher  March 1872–January 1874
Addison C. Niles January 1872–January 1880
Jackson Temple January 1870–January 1872
William T. Wallace*  December 1869–November 1879
Joseph B. Crockett  December 1867–January 1880
Royal T. Sprague*  January 1868–February 1872
Oscar L. Shafter  January 1864–December 1867
Augustus L. Rhodes*  January 1864–January 1872
Lorenzo Sawyer*  January 1864–January 1870
John Currey*  January 1864–January 1868
Silas W. Sanderson*  January 1864–January 1870
E. B. Crocker  May 1863–January 1864
Edward Norton  November 1861–January 1864
W. W. Cope*  September 1859–January 1864
Joseph G. Baldwin  October 1858–January 1862
Stephen J. Field*  October 1857–May 1863
Peter H. Burnett  January 1857–October 1858
David S. Terry*  November 1855–September 1859
Charles H. Bryan  November 1854–November 1855
Alexander Wells  January 1853–October 1854
Alexander Anderson  April 1852–January 1853
Solomon Heydenfeldt  January 1852–January 1857
Hugh C. Murray*  October 1851–September 1857
Nathaniel Bennett  December 1849–October 1851
Henry A. Lyons*  December 1849–March 1852
Serranus Clinton Hastings*  January 1850–January 1852

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