Electronic Filing / Submissions

e-File Documents 

No paper copies are required.  See below for briefs or writs.

e-File Briefs 

3 paper copies (following the requirements set forth in CRC, rules 8.40 and 8.204(b)) must be sent to this court

  • Appellant's Opening Brief - AOB
  • Respondent's Brief - RB
  • Appellant's Reply Brief - ARB
  • Amicus Curiae Brief - ACB
  • Petition for Rehearing - RP
  • Answer to Petition for Rehearing - ARP
  • Answer to Amicus Curiae Brief - RAC
  • Letter Brief - LB
  • Supplemental Brief - SPB

e-Submit a copy of a Writ or Opposition

An original and three paper copies of the petition, opposition or reply and (if separate) one copy of supporting exhibits must be sent to this court.

  • Petition for Writ of Mandate, Prohibition or Certiorari - PTW 
  • Petition for Writ of Habeas Corpus - PWH
  • Petition for Writ of Supersedeas - PS
  • Petition for Extraordinary Writ - PEW
  • Petition for Writ of Review (WCAB, PUC, ALRB, PERB) - PWR
  • Exhibits (if bound separately) - EFS
  • Opposition, Answer or Return - OPO
  • Reply or Traverse - REP


Invitation to file E-Briefs in the Second District Court of Appeal

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