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If you would like to request judicial administrative records maintained by the appellate courts or the Judicial Council of California (the council) you may submit your request by completing a Request for Judicial Administrative Records and sending it to the Public Access to Records Project by e-mail, U.S. Mail or fax.

Request for Judicial Administrative Records Form

The council does not maintain criminal histories, records, or documents related to specific cases filed in the Superior Courts of California. Contact the Superior Court in which the record was originally filed to get this information. Also, request court-specific judicial administrative records directly from the courts.

For all requests for judicial administrative records:

  • Fillable Intake Form
    Note: any changes you make to this form will not be saved. Save the completed form to your computer for your records.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Should I use this form if I need information about a case, such as a copy of divorce records, criminal records, a case record, an order, or my case file?

A: No. Only use this form to make requests for copies of judicial administrative records. If you are looking for a copy of a divorce decree, criminal record, complaint, judgment, traffic ticket, order, or information on a case, please contact the clerk of the court where the case was filed for the proper request form. To quickly access court websites, please click here.

Q: When should I use this form?

Use this form to request copies of judicial administrative records maintained by the Judicial Council of California (the council) or a Superior Court of California. The council or the court will then review your request and investigate whether and when the requested materials can be produced, or if the records are exempt from disclosure under California Rules of Court, rule 10.500.

Q: What is a judicial administrative record?

A: "Judicial administrative record" means "any writing containing information relating to the conduct of the people's business." Examples of judicial administrative records include, but are not limited to, budget and expenditure records, contracts, and written policies and procedures. See subdivisions (c)(2) and (e)(2) of rule 10.500.

Q: How do I get a copy of a record?

A: Complete all sections of the request form and email it to The information you provide will facilitate the processing of your request. Be as detailed as possible. If you are not specific, the council may have difficulty responding to your request and your response may be delayed.

    Q: When should I expect to receive a response?

    A: The council or the court will notify you of its determination within 10 days of receipt of your request. In some circumstances (for example, when a voluminous amount of records are involved), the 10 day period may be extended by an additional 14 days. Once the council or a court makes a determination, any responsive, disclosable records will be made promptly available. See rule 10.500(e)(6)-(8).

    Q: Will I be charged any fees or costs?

    A: You may be charged fees that reflect the direct costs of duplication or production. In addition, you may be charged fees that reflect actual costs of staff search and review time expended on a commercial use request. Payment may be required before records are duplicated or produced. See rule 10.500(e)(4) and the Public Access to Judicial Administrative Records Fee Guidelines.

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