Kern County, New Mojave Courthouse


Superior Court of California, County of Kern

Funded by Senate Bill 1407
Initial Funding Year: FY 2009-2010

The overcrowded Mojave Justice Center, shared with the county and sheriff

Current Status
Because of significant, ongoing cuts to the judicial branch budget, this project is indefinitely delayed, based on the Judicial Council's October 26, 2012 decision.

Vital Statistics
Courtrooms: 3
Square footage: 40,655
Current authorized project budget: $44,010,000
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In anticipation of additional cost-cutting measures, all facts are subject to change.
The largest facility for the Superior Court of Kern County's East Division is the Mojave Justice Center. This complex, built in 1974, includes two concrete-block buildings and a portable modular unit. The court occupies about half of the complex space, which also houses county and sheriff operations.

These facilities are severely overcrowded. The complex was originally designed with one courtroom, but the court's growing caseload has required it to borrow the county board hearing room as a courtroom. The court hears civil cases in the modular unit. The complex lacks a jury assembly room, so the court conducts jury assembly in the courtroom. The complex also has security problems and physical deficiencies, including accessibility under the Americans With Disabilities Act — all of which prevent the court from operating in an efficient and safe manner.

The proposed new Mojave Courthouse would consolidate and replace these facilities with a modern, secure, adequately sized courthouse with three courtrooms. The proposed project would give the court much-needed space to provide basic services currently unavailable to court users, including a self-help center; jury assembly room, attorney-client meeting rooms, and a children's waiting room.

Security improvements would include separate hallways for the public, staff, and in-custody defendants, a single secured entrance, and secure parking for judges. The proposed project also includes 135 parking spaces for staff, visitors, and jurors.

Indefinitely Delayed

Because of significant, ongoing cuts to the judicial branch budget, this project is indefinitely delayed, based on the Judicial Council's October 26, 2012 decision.

Architecture/Engineering Firm

Gould Evans Baum Thornley, Inc.

Construction Manager at Risk

To be selected, schedule TBD

Subcontractor Bidding

Schedule TBD

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