Los Angeles County, New Santa Clarita Courthouse

Current Status
Because of significant, ongoing cuts to the judicial branch budget, this project is indefinitely delayed, based on the Judicial Council's October 26, decision.

Vital Statistics
Courtrooms: 4
Square footage: 54,750
Current authorized project budget: $63,476,000 
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In anticipation of additional cost-cutting measures, all facts are subject to change.

The North Valley Court District of the Superior Court of California, County of Los Angeles serves the public in three locations: Santa Clarita, San Fernando, and Chatsworth. These locations serve more than 30 communities in the north valley area and beyond.

The Santa Clarita Courthouse and the Santa Clarita Courthouse Annex were both built in 1971 and are shared-use facilities with the County of Los Angeles. Both facilities are overcrowded and have numerous security deficiencies, physical problems, and deficiencies with ADA accessibility.

The proposed project would replace these two facilities with a modern, secure courthouse for criminal, traffic, small claims, limited civil, and unlawful detainer proceedings. The new facility would enable the court to provide basic services not currently provided due to space restrictions: a self-help center, appropriately-sized courtroom waiting areas, jury assembly room, and jury deliberation rooms, attorney interview/witness waiting rooms, and a children's waiting room, as well as adequately-sized in-custody holding. The site for the new courthouse would also provide capacity for a future building addition to accommodate future new judgeships planned to serve the projected growth in demand for court services in the Santa Clarita Valley.

Both the City of Santa Clarita and the County of Los Angeles have expressed willingness to donate land to site the new courthouse. These offers are being evaluated along with other potential sites during the site selection process.

Indefinitely Delayed

Because of significant, ongoing cuts to the judicial branch budget, this project is indefinitely delayed, based on the Judicial Council's Ocotber 26, 2012 decision.

Architecture/Engineering Firm

Moore Ruble Yudell

Construction Manager at Risk

To be selected, schedule TBD

Subcontractor Bidding

Schedule TBD

News Releases
Site Approved (11/10/11)
Architect Selected (6/30/10)
Funding Authorization (11/16/109)

Historical Documents
Project Feasibility Report

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