Other Research and Evaluation

Study of California Class Action Litigation

The Study of California Class Action Litigation was undertaken in collaboration with the University of California Hastings College of the Law to provide previously unavailable data about class action litigation in the state, as well as to promote more informed policy and practice discussions about this often controversial litigation tool.

Contact: Hilary Hehman, Office of Court Research, hilary.hehman@jud.ca.gov.

Batterer Intervention Systems in California

In December 2005, the Administrative Office of the Courts, Office of Court Research was awarded a research grant from the National Institute of Justice to study batterer intervention programs (BIPs) in California. The study encompasses five California counties, 53 BIPs that provided client data, and over 1,000 men enrolled in BIPs. The study found that the strongest predictors of success in treating offenders convicted of a criminal domestic violence offense were the individual characteristics of the offenders, not the features of batterer intervention programs of the attributes of the court jurisdiction.

News Release: Domestic Violence Study Finds Which Batterers Are Least Likely to Be Re-arrested

Research Study of Batterer Intervention Systems Fact Sheet

Batterer Intervention Systems in California - An Evaluation

Contact: Dag MacLeod, Office of Court Research, dag.macleod@jud.ca.gov
Leah Rose-Goodwin, Office of Court Research, leah.rose-goodwin@jud.ca.gov

Procedural Justice and Effective Court Practices in Small Claims Cases

A multi-phase study designed to assess and evaluate litigants' perceptions of procedural justice, effective case presentation practices, and the role of self-help centers and other forms of prior legal consultation in small claims cases. Further, the study will examine the relationships these factors may have to case outcomes and litigants' ratings of court performance.

Fact Sheet: Research Study of Procedural Justice and Effective Court Practices in Small Claims Cases

Contact: David A. Smith, Office of Court Research, david.smith@jud.ca.gov

Collaborative Justice Research

The Collaborative Justice Program undertakes research on the collaborative courts of California. Click here to learn more.

Trial Court Workload

Exploring the Work of the California Trial Courts: A 20-Year Retrospective. 

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