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The Judicial Council forms available below are current as of January 1, 2016.

Results *Forms marked with the asterisk are adopted for mandatory use by all courts.
Form Date Revised Description
DV-800-INFO S Jul 1, 2014 How Do I Turn In, Sell, or Store My Firearm? (Spanish)
DV-800 S Jul 1, 2014 Proof of Firearms Turned In, Sold, or Stored (Spanish)
DV-730 S Jan 1, 2012 Order to Renew Domestic Violence Restraining Order (Spanish)
DV-720 S Jan 1, 2012 Response to Request to Renew Restraining Order (Spanish)
DV-710 S Jul 1, 2014 Notice of Hearing to Renew Restraining Order (Spanish)
DV-700-INFO S Jan 1, 2012 How Do I Ask the Court to Renew My Restraining Order? (Spanish)
DV-700 S Jan 1, 2012 Request to Renew Restraining Order (Spanish)
DV-600 S Jan 1, 2012 Order to Register Out-of-State or Tribal Court Protective/Restraining Order (Spanish)
DV-570 S Jan 1, 2003 Which Financial Form—FL-155 or FL-150? (Domestic Violence) - Spanish
DV-530-INFO S Jan 1, 2012 How to Enforce Your Restraining Order (Spanish)
DV-520-INFO S Jan 1, 2016 Get Ready for the Court Hearing (Spanish)
DV-505-INFO S Jan 1, 2013 How Do I Ask For a Temporary Restraining Order? (Spanish)
DV-500-INFO S Jan 1, 2012 Can a Domestic Violence Restraining Order Help Me? (Domestic Violence Prevention) (Spanish)
DV-250 S Jan 1, 2012 Proof of Service by Mail (CLETS) (Domestic Violence Prevention) (Spanish)
DV-200-INFO S Jan 1, 2012 What Is “Proof of Personal Service”? (Spanish)
DV-200 S Jul 1, 2013 Proof of Personal Service (CLETS) (Spanish)
DV-180 S Jul 1, 2014 Agreement and Judgment of Parentage (Spanish)
DV-150 S Jan 1, 2016 Supervised Visitation and Exchange Order (Spanish)
DV-145 S Jan 1, 2012 Order: No Travel With Children (Spanish)
DV-140 S Jan 1, 2012 Child Custody and Visitation Order (Spanish)
DV-130 S Jul 1, 2014 Restraining Order After Hearing (CLETS—OAH) (Spanish)
DV-120-INFO S Jul 1, 2014 How Can I Respond to a Request for Domestic Violence Restraining Order? (Spanish)
DV-120 S Jul 1, 2014 Response to Request for Domestic Violence Restraining Order (Spanish)
DV-116 S Jan 1, 2013 Notice of New Hearing and Order on Reissuance (Spanish)
DV-115-INFO S Jan 1, 2013 How to Ask for a New Hearing Date (Spanish)
DV-115 S Jan 1, 2012 Request to Continue Court Hearing and Reissue Temporary Restraining Order (Domestic Violence Prevention) (Spanish)
DV-112 S Jan 1, 2012 Waiver of Hearing on Denied Request for Temporary Restraining Order (Spanish)
DV-110 S Jul 1, 2014 Temporary Restraining Order (CLETS—TRO) (Spanish)
DV-109 S Jan 1, 2012 Notice of Court Hearing (Domestic Violence) (Spanish)
DV-108 S Jan 1, 2012 Request for Order: No Travel with Children (Spanish)
DV-105 S Jan 1, 2012 Request for Child Custody and Visitation Orders (Spanish)
DV-101 S Jan 1, 2012 Description of Abuse (Spanish)
DV-100 S Jul 1, 2014 Request for Domestic Violence Restraining Order (Spanish)
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