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Applications for the 2018 program are now being accepted

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There are over 3.2 million people living in San Diego County, many of whom cannot afford legal representation and need assistance when trying to navigate through complicated court proceedings. As they do in the Bay Area and in Los Angeles, JusticeCorps members in San Diego make an impact by providing information, referrals, and assistance with forms completion.

Since it began in 2007, the San Diego JusticeCorps program has served more than 100,000 self-represented litigants, and graduated 400 JusticeCorps alumni.

JusticeCorps members will be trained to provide legal information to self–represented litigants to assist them with resolving important legal matters. JusticeCorps members assist litigants by helping litigants prepare court paperwork, by making referrals, or through assistance at a legal information workshop. Members will receive training in a variety of areas to support and enhance the member’s service to the public as well as training that will support the member’s individual development. Members will be placed at one of a number service locations located throughout the County of San Diego.

JusticeCorps College Student (Minimum-Time Member – 300-Hour) Program

This program is open to students enrolled at any of our participating campuses, University of California, San Diego, San Diego State University or California State University, San Marcos.

JusticeCorps College Student members provide 300 hours of service. The program start date will be in  late September 2018 and hours will be completed by the end of the student's academic year (May or June,  2019).

Application Deadline:
March  9th, 2018 -  however, applications will be accepted until all positions are filled.

Apply for the San Diego JusticeCorps College Student Program

JusticeCorps Graduate Fellowship (Full-Time Member/1700-Hour) Program

JusticeCorps Fellows are college graduates who commit to provide a minimum of 1,700 hours of service during a 12-month period. The program will start in August 2018, and hours must be completed by August 9, 2019.

Application Deadline:
February 23, 2018.

Apply for the San Diego JusticeCorps Graduate Fellowship Program

San Diego JusticeCorps recruits the majority of its members from students attending JusticeCorps’ partner universities. Students can meet JusticeCorps program staff at campus job fairs, and can also learn about the program through their campus service learning center:

Each partner also has a campus-based university representative who works on outreach and recruitment and supports members throughout their service year. Our university reps—all of whom are enrolled students and most of whom are JusticeCorps alumni—provide support to the program staff throughout the service year while also acting as peer mentors for the cohort of members from their university.

Program DirectorAmoreena Urbeck, (619) 844-2329
Ms. Urbeck has directed the JusticeCorps program since 2010. She earned a Bachelor’s in Women’s Studies and Masters in Public Administration specializing in C riminology from San Diego State University. Ms. Urbeck oversees activities of the San Diego program on a daily basis, designs and coordinates partner and member trainings, directs program staff, and oversees the collection of data for performance measurements. Ms. Urbeck says the best parts of her job are conducting member trainings and going on site visits to see the members accomplishments first-hand.

Program CoordinatorDeanna King, (619) 844-2326
Ms. King has been with the San Diego JusticeCorps program since September 2013. Ms.  King provides administrative support for all JusticeCorps program operations, including assisting in member and court staff trainings, tracking member hours, coordinating fiscal paperwork, and reporting on JusticeCorps performance measurements. Ms.  King received her B.S. in C riminal J ustice A dministration and S ociology from San Diego State University and also holds a California teaching credential.

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