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Please see the documents below for a LHI/HotDocs Overview and Instructions.

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LHI/HotDocs Overview



1.  Guide To Using LawHelp Interactive


2.  How to Register for a Court Employee and Advocate LHI Account


3.  How to Register for a “Self-Helper” LHI Account

Staff and litigants

4.  How to Access and Work with Saved Answers

Staff and litigants

5.  How to Use the Foreign Service Programs


Statewide Programs

Divorce Starter Kit Program
This program can be used by petitioners to start the dissolution process before they come to the self-help center. It does not fully populate the forms.

It includes the Request for Order (FL-300), which generates if the petitioner indicates he/she needs to request an order before the divorce is final. It also includes the Temporary Emergency (Ex Parte) Orders (FL-305) if the petitioner indicates he/she needs emergency orders.

A version of this program is available on the San Bernardino Superior Court website.

Dissolution Petition and Disclosures
This program completes the dissolution petition and disclosures and is designed for workshop use.  Answer files saved with this program can be used to complete the Dissolution Foreign Service program.

Dissolution Foreign Service
Designed for staff use. This program generates the Spanish versions of the Judicial Council forms and allows the user to enter translated data from the petitioner’s filing documents. You can use it with or without a saved HotDocs answer file. See Instructions for Dissolution Foreign Service Program.

Domestic Violence Programs
These programs include information designed to enable self-represented litigants to use the program on their own. However, it is recommended that petitioners seek help with filing a restraining order through domestic violence advocates or the self-help center.

This program is available on the Riverside, San Bernardino, and Kern Superior Court websites.

County Programs

Conservatorship Programs

Inyo County Domestic Violence Programs

Kern Guardianship Programs

Los Angeles Guardianship Programs

Los Angeles Workshop and Clinic Programs

Los Angeles Domestic Abuse Self-Help Project (DASH) Clinic Programs

Monterey County Programs

Nevada Guardianship Programs

Orange County Programs

Riverside County Programs

San Diego Guardianship Workshop Programs

San Luis Obispo County Domestic Violence Programs

Santa Barbara Superior Court Programs

Yolo County Superior Court Programs