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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Some messages will be published to justice partners. Will they need to "subscribe" to the middleware through a registration process? If so, has the registration process been defined?

A. Partners will have to go through an on-boarding process that is currently being developed and will include a Memorandum of Understanding/Service Level Agreement. Technically, this involves ensuring there is secure bi-directional network connectivity between systems, and access via secure FTP or secure Web services.

Q. Can the middleware connect to an integration server and pass these messages through a straight socket connection?

A. All messages will be exchanged via secure FTP or secure Web services.

Q. Will messages sent from the justice partners to the courts be sent through the Web service exclusively or can they be sent directly to the TIBCO server?

A. All messages will be exchanged via secure FTP or secure Web services.

Q. Will there be a standardized message header for all messages that will allow us to:

  • Gather unique message IDs for asynchronous response mappings
  • Gather message names and types
  • Gather checksum information to confirm that we have received the entire message?

A. There will be standard header that contains details including a transaction ID, correlation ID, and a timestamp, etc. Web service operations are provided in WSDL.

Q. Is the TIBCO server set up yet? If so, where and do test harnesses exist which we can begin using to better understand the nature of the communication? If not, can we coordinate with someone to begin this process?

A. There is a test environment at the Administrative Office of the Court's California Courts' Technology Center (CCTC) but there is not a CCMS instance there yet so only connectivity between the two systems can be tested. If you subscribe to the listserve you will be automatically notified when the CCMS instance is available for testing and provided with specific information.

Q. Have any sample messages been created that can be distributed for use within our test harnesses to better understand and prepare for the exchange?

A. There is a sample XML in each data exchange's WSDL and schema .ZIP file.  The best way to understand what needs to be exchanged is to study the WSDL provided for the exchange; all required values are necessary to fulfill an exchange request or response. Requests for specific test values or sample messages need to be coordinated with the court concerned.

Q. Will there be a formal testing process for early adopter courts and partners?

A. Yes. Once a testing process and schedule have been developed information will be posted to this website.