Victim Restitution Notification Program

Criminal icon Project Name: Victim Restitution Notification Program
Court: Los Angeles Superior Court
   Links: Court Criminal Website

Overview/Program Description:

The court sends an electronic version of the completed Minute Order with Restitution Order to the County Revenue Division. This process replaced the court's manual process of sending a hardcopy minute order via interoffice mail when victim restitution orders were made in court on non-reporting/conditional probation cases.

The courtroom clerk supervisor worked with the County Revenue Division to create an e-mail distribution list and with the Court's IT division to have an "e-mail shortcut as a PDF" permanently added in the Word application in the Sustain Case Management System. This allows the clerks to e-mail the completed Minute Order with Restitution Order immediately as a PDF directly from Sustain to the County Revenue Division.

Program Benefits/Savings:

The court eliminated the clerks' manual process of printing, preparing, and delivering the Minute Order with Restitution Order via interoffice mail. This process can take two to three days to reach the County Revenue Division and with the new electronic process, the County Revenue Division can now open an account to collect much sooner.

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