Judge Samuel K. Feng

portrait of Judge Feng

Hon. Samuel Feng
Judge, Superior Court of San Francisco County

Current Term: Sept 15, 2015–Sept 14, 2018
Membership: Voting member, appointed by Chief Justice Tani G. Cantil-Sakauye
Internal Committees: Executive and Planning Committee;  Policy Coordination and Liaison Committee
Council Liaison to: Amador, Colusa, Lake, Napa, and Solano Counties

Judge Samuel K. Feng was appointed to the Superior Court of San Francisco County by former governor Arnold Schwarzenegger in September 2009. He is currently assigned to the Criminal Trial Department at the Hall of Justice.

Before becoming a judge, Judge Feng was a partner at the firm  Feng and Lee from 1998 to 2009, and house counsel for the California Automobile Association from 1991-1998. He was recently a member of the Court Facilities Advisory Committee (CFAC), as well as a member of its Courthouse Cost Reduction Subcommittee and chaired its Subcommittee on Courthouse Names.

Liaison Report on Amador County Superior Court, Jun 2016
Judge Samuel Feng reports on his visit to Amador County Superior Court in March 2016. Challenges to this court begin with the facility—a building once occupied by retail and refitted for government use. Storage is lacking, so the court relies on space it rents in the neighboring county. Going paperless is a challenge since the court doesn't have funds to update its operating system. Still recovering from the recession, the court is closed two Fridays a month. Finally, a recent expansion of the local detention center has increased this court's workload, further stretching the court's thinning resources.

Liaison Report on Lake County Superior Court, Feb 2016
Judge Samuel Feng reports his observations while visiting the court three hours north of his own court, San Francisco County. He begins with details about the impact of the 2015 fire on local residents, business, and the court. Court filings decreased during the recession, as did the income made by the court from those filings. Lake County is considered one of the poorest in the state, and budget restoration for fiscal year 2016-17, the court is still woefully underfunded. The court anticipates not being able to pay for the move into their new court house being built by the state. On the plus side, the court recently opened its Veterans Court with support from the Recidivism Reduction Grant Fund Program, and has expanded remote workshops to residents in Lake and other counties.

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