Gender Change

This section shows you how to ask for a court order changing your gender, both in cases where you also want to change your name or when you only want to change your gender. If you want a court order for a name change ONLY (even if you are also changing your gender), go to our name change section and follow the directions for change of name to conform to your gender identity.

Click on the relevant button below to learn the steps you must follow:

Gender Change Only ButtonGender & Name Change Button

Important! You do not need a court ordered gender change to change your California driver's license, social security card, or U.S. passport. You also no longer need a court order to have a new birth certificate issued reflecting a change of gender (for California birth records). You may want to get a court ordered gender change to amend your birth certificate if you were born outside of California. You DO need a court order for a change of name. Go to the resources below for more information to help you figure out your options.

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