Pretrial Program

Pretrial programs have operated in California for over a quarter of a century. While programs differ in many ways—the entity that operates the program, the timing of pretrial release determinations, the use of risk assessment instruments—they share in their focus on public safety and evaluating defendants’ risk of reoffending or failure to appear in court. Following realignment, expansion of pretrial programs has taken on an added urgency for a state where jail overcrowding in many counties has raised serious concerns for the entire criminal justice system.

2015 California Pretrial Summit

Releasing Arrestees: Designing Decisions to Enhance Public Safety

A two-day session convened judges, court executive officers, and criminal justice partners to explore court processes and the role of pretrial programs, recent research on risk assessment, supervision and the use of technology, various program models, and justice partner coordination.

Materials & Resources
The resources and materials distributed during and after the "Pretrial Summit" are included here for your use.  It includes articles, faculty PowerPoint presentations, model court documents and forms, information covering evidence-based practices and grant administration.

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